Rever Industries, the First Company in India, to Launch FabSilk, a Silky Smooth Filament

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FabSilk 3D Printing Filament

Above: FabSilk filament from Rever Industries/Image Credit: Rever Industries

Nashik-based 3D printing filament manufacturer, Rever Industries (Fibreel) has developed a new FDM filament – FabSilk. The new filament will be unveiled at the 3D Print Expo 2018 in New Delhi on 6th August 2018.

The FabSilk gives a smooth surface finish and a shiny lustre which will attract enthusiasts to use it for their projects. With this launch, Rever Industries also becomes the first 3D printing filament manufacturer to develop such a filament in India.

What is FabSilk and what’s so special about it?

FabSilk is an FDM material which is simply an enhancement of the PLA material. FabSilk has a shiny surface similar to a real silk cloth. The objects 3D printed in FabSilk are softer, have a smoother finish, and look attractive to the eye. It is a perfect material for printing gift items as it eliminates the need for post-processing.

FabSilk can be readily used for printing decorative articles, toys, gifting items, enclosures, where a high level of surface finish is required. Though it may not have enough industrial application, it can be termed as the perfect material for 3D printing service providers, hobbyists, and enthusiasts.

FabSilk 3D Printing Filament

Above: Containers printed PLA (right) and FabSilk (Left)/Image Credit: Rever Industries

It is clearly visible from the above image how a regular PLA print gives a matte finish while FabSilk has a glossy finish.

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FabSilk Properties & Print Settings

As already mentioned, FabSilk is similar in properties to regular PLA and it does not require polishing as it naturally exhibits a smooth finish. The print settings as well are also equal to the PLA material.

The material shows comparative heat, chemical, impact and water resistance to a regular PLA. It exhibits high purity, high toughness, and better resolution.

We take a look at the print settings of FabSilk:

  • Printing Temp: 195 – 210 °C
  • Recommended Printing Speed: 50 – 60 mm/s
  • Recommended Layer Height: 0.1mm (finer the layer better the smoothness of the FabSilk part)
  • Heated Bed: Not required but can be used (up to 60 °C)

Users can basically print with this material without making any major changes to their PLA print settings.

In less than a year, Rever Industries has managed to capture a crucial market share in the Indian filament industry. With this new filament launch, it aims to capture an even bigger chunk of the industry.

While speaking with Manufactur3D, Suyog Vispute, Partner at Rever Industries, said “Our motto is to have something for everyone. We had been working on this new filament for quite a long time, and now that we have achieved it, we are extremely proud of the product we have developed.”

Suyog continued, “Through this, we become the first Indian company to manufacture PLA Silk, which we like to call as FabSilk because it is so fabulous. We are sure that our customers will be pleased with this new filament.”

FabSilk 3D Printing Filament Launch

FabSilk 3D Printing Filament

Above: The FabSilk filament will be available in Gold, Silver and White colours/Image Credit: Rever Industries

The filament is scheduled to be launched at the 3D Print Expo 2018 to be held in New Delhi on the 6th – 7th August 2018. Customers can visit the expo to get a first glimpse of the material. The filament will be available in numerous colours but for the launch, the manufacturer will first unveil the three best-selling colours Gold, Silver & White.

The filament is targeted towards the enthusiast and hobbyists community which is rapidly growing in India. And by tapping into that market it aims to capture a substantial market share of the Indian filament industry.

The filament is priced at Rs.1499 for 650 grams but the company will introduce the filament with an attractive launch offer of Rs.1200 for 650 grams.

About Rever Industries:

Rever Industries is a Nashik-based 3D printing filament manufacturing company founded in 2017. It develops filaments for FDM 3D printing and has a quite a wide range of materials to offer to its clients.

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