Rever Industries to Showcase its Range of Filaments at Inside 3D Printing Mumbai 2018

3D Printing Filament

In the coming year, we are looking forward for tie-ups with plastic raw materials R&D companies to work in sync to develop more materials for FDM.

Suyog Vispute, Partner – Rever Industries
3D Printing Filament
Above: FibReel’s range of 3D printing filaments/Image Credit: Rever Industries

Rever Industries, one of the leading 3D printing filament manufacturers from India, will be showcasing its range of filaments at the upcoming Inside 3D Printing Mumbai 2018 slated to take place on 19-20th December in Mumbai, India.

Founded in 2017, Rever Industries has captured quite a substantial chunk of the Indian 3D printing filament market. It boasts of a wide range of Indian made 3D printing filaments ranging from basic filaments to an exotic range including glow in the dark and silk filament. The company aims to provide professional-quality filaments, primarily, to the Indian 3D printing market and offer them the best possible service.

About Rever Industries – A Leading 3D Printing Filament Manufacturer from India

Since its inception, Rever Industries has focussed majorly on innovation and quality. It aims to offer a wide range of best quality and cost-effective products and services to its customers which are likely to revolutionize the current technological scenario. Its product line is ever growing and it has launched new 3D printing filaments on a regular basis and has been pioneering some of them for the Indian market.

Fibreel is a Flagship 3D Printing Filament Brand of Rever Industries. Under this brand, the company has steadily introduced a wide range of filaments catering to all sections of the industry. Some of the filaments manufactured could be categorised as follows:

Entry-Level 3D Printing Filaments

PLA 3D printing filament
Above: PLA 3D printing filament by FibReel/Image Credit: Rever Industries

FibReel offers entry-level filaments like PLA and ABS. These are the most widely used materials all across the world and every manufacturer has these filaments. FibReel offers these filaments in multiple colours and can also manufacturer them on-demand as per the required colours.

It also offers TPU, a flexible filament generally catering to the hobbyist segment.

Professional 3D Printing Filaments

PLA Carbon FibReel 3D Printing Filament
Above: PLA Carbon FibReel filament with a sample print/Image Credit: Rever Industries

It also offers a wide range of professional 3D printing filaments like PETG, PC, HIPS, PLA-based Carbon Fibre & PETG-based Carbon Fibre. These filaments are generally used in ABCXYZ industries. These filaments offer better mechanical properties which are perfectly suited to manufacturing industries which use such filaments to manufacture replacement parts as per their needs.

Exotic 3D Printing Filaments

FabSilk 3D Printing Filament
Above: FabSilk 3D printing filament from Rever Industries/Image Credit: Rever Industries

Lastly, FibReel also has a range of exotic filaments like Glow in the Dark, Wood-fill and FabSilk filaments. These are specifically manufactured for the new users, enthusiasts, and hobbyists section of the market. These filaments target the B2C market which is where the company aims to spread their brand in the coming year.

3D Printing Pen Filament

3D Printing Pen Filament
Above: FibReel 3D Printing Pen Filament in a boxed package launched to improve customer experience/Image Credit: Rever Industries

FibReel is one of the first Indian brands to create a box packing of 3D printing pen filament. While the 3D printing filament remains the same, the need to cater to the needs of the educationists and academicians to have a pen filament brand prompted Rever industries to start a new product altogether.

With esteemed customers like BHEL, Cipla, IIT-Delhi & even the Indian Airforce, Rever Industries is making a mark in the 3D printing industry of India.

Speaking about the company’s growth, Suyog Vispute, Partner at Rever industries commented, “FDM being the major technology used across India and the world, we are expecting it to grow faster in next couple of years and thus there would be growing demand for filaments and variety of filaments.”

He continued, “To keep up with the market trends we focus on developing new filaments regularly and we have been doing the same since inception.  We are working hard to take our brand, FibReel, to international markets and be competitive with other brands in terms of quality and other standards.”

Rever industries is also one of the first to receive an UKAS: ISO 9001: 2015 certification for its plant in Nashik and CE RoHS certification for products, in the Maharashtra state of India.

Speaking on the prospects in the coming year, Suyog said, “In the coming year, we are looking forward for some tie-ups with plastic raw materials research and development companies to work in sync to develop more materials for FDM. On the application end, we are also looking for tie-ups with automotive industry to develop more materials for their application.”

Rever Industries is set to exhibit at the upcoming Inside 3D Printing Mumbai 2018 scheduled to take place on 19-20th December in Mumbai. Visit Booth number C3 to meet the team.

(Disclaimer: All the claims made in the above article are the sole responsibility of the manufacturer, Rever Industries. This article does not seek to create any business-client relationship. Manufactur3D does not hold any liability on the claims.)

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