Roboze Launches Prometheus – A Slicing Software for End-to-End Workflow Management

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Prometheus Software
Above: Roboze Unveils Prometheus Software at Rapid + TCT/Image Source: Roboze

Roboze, the Italian-American provider of 3D printing solutions dedicated to the production and rapid prototyping of accurate, repeatable parts for extreme, end-use metal replacement applications, has launched Prometheus Software, a robust slicer that dramatically increases the productivity of its customers.

The software, developed by Roboze’s software engineering team, was unveiled today at the Rapid + TCT event in Chicago, US.

Prometheus Software

The development of the Prometheus software empowers Roboze customers with a complete, simple, and intuitive 3D printing software solution for end-to-end workflow management, from the first stages of design through final production of the printed part. Prometheus was designed with a user-friendly interface and cutting-edge features to increase digital production and parts performance from Roboze 3D Printers.

The technology behind Prometheus was developed to specifically consider the robust performance capabilities of the machines and the intrinsic characteristics of Roboze’s specially developed, high-performance super polymers and composite printing materials. The software allows users to easily and quickly create a stable, secure 3D printing code in just a few clicks, and it works across the most popular browsers in the world, including Chrome and Edge.

“We want our customers to extract the maximum performance from our machines and, at the same time, experience improved print preparation operations, starting from the first slicing phase. We worked continuously for two years to develop software that matches the quality of our printers and provides added value to our customers.”

– Alessio Lorusso, Founder & CEO of Roboze

“Our customers and their experiences informed the development of Prometheus, which dramatically simplifies the printing process and increases the performance of Roboze printers. The solution provides greater accuracy and repeatability to parts produced with the best-performing super polymers and composite materials in the market. Just as 3D printers are constantly evolving, software must also evolve and accelerate ongoing hardware and automation enhancements. I am very proud of the results of this technological achievement, which addresses and overcomes all of the limitations of other software products in the market.”

– Antonio Pastore, Head of Engineering at Roboze

The Prometheus brand name was inspired by the mythological character Prometheus, who defied the gods by stealing fire and giving it to humanity. The software will be available to all current and future Roboze customers at the end of this year.

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