Roboze announces new and powerful PRO Series for 3D printing with Super Polymers

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Roboze One PRO 3D printer
Above: Roboze One PRO 3D printer/Source: Roboze

Roboze, an Italian 3D printer manufacturer, has announced the release of its new Roboze PRO series of professional 3D printers that are faster, more powerful, and use new super polymers to shorten the prototyping and supply chain phases of small components and high-performance tools. This was announced at the AM Forum in Berlin.

The PRO series aims to optimize the production of parts that use super polymers and composite materials to replace metals. To increase companies’ digital transition opportunities, the printers use its proprietary software, Prometheus, and new materials. The machines provide quick and cost-effective access to the production of parts with well-defined technical and industrial requirements, as they can support the validation of finished AM parts with super polymers and technical materials (PEEK, TPU, ABS…), as well as accelerate the research and development of new applications and the digitization of the tool and spare parts warehouse. The new series’ common factors are productivity, quality, versatility, and rapid ROI acceleration.

What’s New in the Roboze PRO series?

Roboze Plus PRO 3D printer
Above: Roboze Plus PRO 3D printer/Source: Roboze

The PRO series includes two options: One PRO and Plus PRO. In comparison to the previous professional series, these two systems include integration with Roboze Prometheus slicing software, which was developed for end-to-end workflow management, from early design stages to final printed part production.

The software has strategic printing profiles that allow prints to be up to two times faster than the industry average with the UltraFAST profile, to obtain tools to support production lines with Carbon PA, PA loaded with carbon fiber, and to shorten the concept validation phase with ULTRA-PLA technical material. Professionals place a high value on print speed. As a result, Roboze declares that it will expand this profile to other types of materials available on the PRO series via a simple software update.

PRO systems provide numerous benefits by enabling a process that includes: print settings – material-software-machine – automatically and with few manual operations; precise and repeatable, as well as scalable, technological ecosystem; quick material / print project change and low maintenance. As a result, additive manufacturing becomes high quality, with a configuration that increases the solution’s uptime at the same time.

Furthermore, the Prometheus’ UltraQuality profile has been added for the production of components in PEEK, Carbon PEEK, and ToolingX CF (among the new materials that Roboze is introducing to the market with the PRO series), allowing for the production of extremely detailed parts with the company’s leading materials, which are among the most widely used in the Electronics, Aerospace, Mobility, and Energy industries. The goal is to provide businesses with the ability to scale functional prototyping and small-volume production, saving time and money while obtaining a more flexible process using the full range of Roboze materials.

New Roboze Super Polymers and composites

Roboze Super Polymers - PEKK (polyetherketoneketone)
Above: Roboze PEKK (polyetherketoneketone)/Source: Roboze

Roboze also launched two new materials, namely the Roboze PEKK and ToolingX CF to expans its range of super polymers and composites.

Roboze PEKK (polyetherketoneketone) is an optimized formulation that enables the printing of high-performance parts with flame retardant properties, high thermal, mechanical, and chemical resistance. It is UL 94 V-0 classified and is the ideal choice for industrial applications that require high performance and ease of use.

Roboze ToolingX CF is a thermoplastic composite material that contains carbon fiber. It is lightweight, has excellent thermal stability, and is self-extinguishing. It has a high chemical resistance, as it is resistant to organic acids, gasoline, and oils such as engine oil, brake fluids, and coolants. These characteristics place it among the most widely used materials in the aerospace industry and for tooling.

A real-world application is the production of moulds for paper pulp products using Roboze Plus PRO and ToolingX CF material to replace aluminum, which, in addition to overcoming the geometric and customization limits of conventional solutions, allows for the lightening of the part, useful for operators handling the mould, and a cost reduction of more than 60%.

Furthermore, this solution has the potential to significantly accelerate test campaigns in sectors such as aviation, which is one of the most demanding in the world due to the extremely high standards and precision required from its materials and components.

“With the Roboze PRO series, production becomes stronger, faster and less expensive. We have engineered the Professional solution with the sole aim of providing a performance-oriented solution for manufacturing companies, expanding application opportunities with accessible materials and industrial-grade hardware-software solutions. We believe the quality of the systems, of the printing process and of the finished components can help companies to limit risks, increase the safety of the supply chain and continue to keep their production alive and competitive.”

– Alessio Lorusso, Founder & CEO of Roboze

The PRO series incorporates all of the innovative elements introduced to the market by Roboze in recent years. The ecosystem created enables an improvement in the design and feasibility of production while paying close attention to issues related to the production chain, such as the need to reduce the operating costs of machines, materials, and labor, as well as design time, in a single solution.

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