Sculpteo publishes the latest edition of its report on The State of 3D Printing

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  • 41% of respondents say additive manufacturing is helping them to achieve their sustainable development goals.
  • 25% use additive manufacturing to accelerate product development.
  • 33% believe that budget is the main factor restricting wider adoption of 3D printing.
  • 84% of respondents are optimistic about the future of additive manufacturing.
  • 63% of respondents want to identify options for recycling 3D printed parts.
The State of 3D Printing report 2022 is now released
The State of 3D Printing report 2022 released/Source: Sculpteo

Sculpteo, the industry leader in 3D printing and digital manufacturing, has just released the 8th edition of The State of 3D Printing Report, an annual global survey designed to provide the additive manufacturing insight needed to inform and improve business strategies. As part of its environmental responsibility mission, 3D printing seeks to meet manufacturing needs by replacing traditional production resources whenever and wherever possible.

Sculpteo collects additive manufacturing industry data every year, which it then analyses to highlight key trends in this rapidly growing industry. This year’s report is global in scope, with the majority of respondents hailing from Europe (63%) and the United States (23%). Senior executives, engineers, and designers are the primary users of 3D printers today. The survey results show an increasing level of maturity across the industry, with 39% of users having 1 to 5 years of experience in additive manufacturing and 27% using the technology on a daily basis. Consumer goods (14%), industrial goods (13%), and education (11%), are the industries currently making the most use of 3D.

Sculpteo – The State of 3D Printing Report 2022

Measuring the success and impact of 3D printing activities
Measuring the success and impact of 3D printing activities/Source: Sculpteo

“This year, we decided to highlight a major issue of concern to all sectors of industry, and something we see as a major challenge ourselves: sustainability. I’m delighted to say that this technology has a very bright future, and proud to be able to make my own contribution to the future of 3D printing.”

– Alexandre d’Orsetti, CEO, Sculpteo

3D printing is becoming more common in the manufacture of finished parts

3D printing is now regarded as a legitimate production tool in and of itself. Although it was designed primarily for research and development and prototyping, 40% of Power Users use it for short series production runs and up to 18% for mass production. According to the findings, 47% of respondents use 3D printing to create mechanical parts, while 28% use it to create consumer goods. This rate of expansion in 3D printing is clear evidence of the advances being made in terms of technologies, materials, and post-processing solutions.

The role of 3D printing in helping companies achieve sustainability

40% of the companies polled are looking for more environmentally friendly manufacturing methods and materials. 41% say 3D printing is assisting them in meeting their sustainability targets. Another significant figure emerges from this report: 61% of manufacturers believe that the ability to produce on demand is a significant advantage of 3D printing. This advantage avoids the time and resources required to manufacture a product that may or may not be sold.

Because it avoids the inevitability of using multiple materials to manufacture certain products using traditional techniques, 3D printing also avoids the need for a plethora of different resources. The requirement to use more than one material contradicts the goal of process sustainability. The majority of manufacturers believe that 3D printing aids in the implementation of their sustainability policies by eliminating the need for on-site inventory.

A clear focus on innovation and adaptability

Additive manufacturing can meet all product customization requirements. In fact, 84% of respondents are optimistic about additive manufacturing’s future potential. When asked about the future potential of 3D printing, 58% of respondents expressed strong belief that it will play a significant role in manufacturing, business, and personal lives. Only 26% of respondents believed that 3D printing would have an impact on manufacturing and business. 3D printing’s flexibility and new innovation opportunities have the potential to completely change the rules of manufacturing.

Unleashing the potential of 3D printing and its reliability

Respondents prioritise material dependability and sustainability. According to 61% of respondents, the most dependable and long-term benefit of 3D printing is on-demand manufacturing. Because some designs are impossible to achieve using traditional techniques, 47% of users believe that 3D printing reduces the need to use multiple resources. According to the findings of this report, 59% of users want to be able to use more environmentally friendly materials.

The increasing number of bio-based materials introduced in recent years has fueled this demand. Users believe that the three most important aspects of 3D printing reliability and sustainability are the availability of more options for recycling printed objects, the development of more sustainable materials, and greater progress in the reuse of powder using technologies such as SLS.

Read the full survey at: Sculpteo

About Sculpteo: Sculpteo, a pioneer and specialist in digital manufacturing, offers an online 3D printing service. Sculpteo provides an online platform to securely upload 3D files and select from 75+ materials and finishing options. Sculpteo was created in 2009 by Eric Carreel and Clément Moreau and is led by Alexandre d’Orsetti, former director of Sculpteo’s design studio. BASF New Business GmbH acquired it in November 2019.

About BASF 3D Printing Solutions: BASF 3D Printing Solutions GmbH, headquartered in Heidelberg, Germany, is a 100% subsidiary of BASF New Business GmbH. It focuses on establishing and expanding the business under the Forward AM brand with advanced materials, system solutions, components, and services in the field of 3D printing.

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