Seurat Technologies to develop 59 tons of 3D printed metal parts for Siemens Energy

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Siemens Energy turbines blades
Siemens Energy turbines blades/Source: Siemens Energy

Seurat Technologies, the leader in metal 3D printing that improves manufacturing for people and the environment, announced an agreement to develop 59 tons of 3D printed metal components for Siemens Energy turbines. Parts meeting Siemens Energy’s material qualification requirements will be developed over a six-year period. The initial focus will be on one part family, with the possibility of expanding volumes in the future to include others.

Manufacturing is one of the major contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for 31% of total emissions. With the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s recent report sounding the alarm about global warming, the manufacturing industry bears a significant responsibility to reduce its carbon footprint. The Biden Administration is also advocating for lower industrial emissions, recently announcing a $6 billion effort to decarbonize industrial manufacturing and accelerate new technologies critical to a successful climate strategy.  

Seurat developing tons of 3D printed metal parts

Seurat Technologies to develop 59 tons of 3D printed metal parts for Siemens Energy
Seurat’s Area Printing technology/Source: Seurat

Breakthrough technologies like Seurat’s Area Printing reimagine manufacturing by making 3D printing cost, scale, and quality competitive with traditional methods while leveraging 100 percent renewable green energy. Siemens Energy employs 3D printing to manufacture a variety of components where it provides a more sustainable process and improved economics.

Printing technology has the potential to displace some types of traditional manufacturing while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with waste, goods, transportation, and warehousing. Seurat expects to save up to 100 metric tonnes of CO2 by 2030 and has validated its carbon footprint forecast using ISO 14064 standards.

“Siemens Energy is always looking for innovative technologies that can transform the future while creating a more sustainable world. We’re excited about our future printing high-quality parts with fantastic economies of scale to deliver cost savings. We invested in Seurat Technologies and believe that strengthening our partnership could help to accelerate decarbonization in the industry at scale.”

– Enrique Gonzales Zanetich, Head of Venture Building, Siemens Energy

Siemens Energy Ventures, the company’s venture arm, has also made a cash investment in Seurat Technologies. Siemens Energy Ventures, which operates at the intersection of the corporate and Startup ecosystems, builds, pilots, and invests in Startups that are developing innovative energy and decarbonization technologies and business models.

“Seurat’s partnership with Siemens Energy is a major milestone for 3D metal printing and our potential to deliver limitless scalability and cost savings. We are proud to be trusted by global leaders who are reimagining manufacturing. Volumes of this order of magnitude significantly move the needle towards greener technologies and unlocking additive manufacturing’s full potential.”

– Seurat CEO and Co-Founder James DeMuth

Seurat announced last fall that its pilot factory was fully subscribed and that it intends to open a full-scale production factory to meet customer demand. Seurat has raised $91.5 million in funding from investors including Capricorn’s Technology Impact Fund, True Ventures, and Porsche Automobil Holding SE, and has over 209 granted and pending patents. Please visit this page to learn more about Seurat’s Area Printing process.

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