SINTX and Prodways to boost ceramic 3D printing through a new slurry supply agreement

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SINTX and Prodways to boost ceramic 3D printing through a new slurry supply agreement
3D printed parts using Silicon Nitride material/Source: SINTX

SINTX Technologies, Inc., an advanced technical ceramic firm, and Prodways Printers SAS today announced a comprehensive technical partnership and ceramic slurry supply agreement to promote ceramic 3D printing. SINTX and its subsidiary Technology Assessment and Transfer, Inc. will supply Prodways with ceramic-filled printable slurries while also assisting with process development and customer support.

The breadth of engagement will enable end-to-end workflow collaboration on advanced technical ceramics, specifically casting applications.

Boosting Ceramic 3D Printing

SINTX was an early pioneer in the ceramic 3D printing sector, successfully producing components since 1998. For almost a decade, the company spent in R&D, successfully transitioning from prototypes and low-rate production to a full production process. SINTX currently distributes 3D printed components made of alumina, zirconia, and silica, as well as bespoke printable ceramic resins to customers in a variety of industries.

In February 2024, the company announced a multi-year supply arrangement with a major aircraft industry.

SINTX’s 25 years of experience make it an appealing development partner for Prodways, a 3D printer maker and additive manufacturing industry leader. SINTX has been 3D printing ceramics with the Prodways L5000 since 2018, and they are thrilled to benefit from the latest Prodways hardware advances as part of this relationship.

Series 3D printed parts by Prodways
Series 3D printed parts by Prodways/Source: Prodways

Prodways, a pioneer in industrial 3D printing, will be able to use SINTX’s Silica and Alumina qualified slurries on the newest MovingLight machine generation, which was specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements of ceramic applications. The machine will deliver a unique mix of high resolution and build envelope while maintaining process scalability through variable build envelope configuration and process-oriented parameter control.

“Our outstanding engineering team has 6 years of experience working with Prodways printers, and we have already used their equipment to commercialize multiple resin compositions and part designs. I expect that a more formal partnership will lead to some breakthrough developments and novel solutions for all our customers.”

– Ann Kutsch, General Manager of the SINTX-Maryland site

Vincent Icart, CTO and COO of Prodways, added “Prodways has had a very early exposure to ceramics 3D printing. Before this partnership, we were only supplying customers with internal capabilities development. We are thrilled to bolster our specifically developed MovingLight machineries with SINTX slurries, as our joint expertise will allow us to be an end-to-end solution provider for the most demanding ceramic printing applications.”

About Prodways Group: Prodways Group specializes in industrial and professional 3D printing with a unique position as an integrated European player. The Group has developed across the entire value chain of 3D printing (software, printers, materials, parts & services) with a technologically advanced industrial solution. Prodways Group offers a wide range of 3D printing systems and premium composite, hybrid, or powder materials (SYSTEMS division).

About SINTX Technologies: SINTX Technologies is an advanced ceramics company that develops and commercialises materials, components, and technologies for medical and technical applications. SINTX is a global leader in the research, development, and manufacturing of silicon nitride, and its products have been implanted in humans since 2008.

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