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SLM Solutions Launches SLM.Quality: A Digital Quality Assurance Software

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Above: SLM.Quality – a quality assurance software solution/Video Source: SLM Solutions

SLM Solutions Group AG announces the launch of SLM.Quality – a unique digital quality assurance software solution that enables customers to perform build job evaluations and process qualifications and part certifications more efficiently.

The SLM.Quality software can be used for single job or series production, and can efficiently support industrial customers during the qualification process, improving traceability and documentation of key process data.

The software is ideal for aerospace and automotive customers who are always in need for higher productivity and quality results, more difficult part requirements, and increasing compliance demands from industry regulators. This software will be highly useful to allay any quality related hesitations these customers may have.

SLM.Quality – Digital Quality Assurance Software

SLM.Quality - Digital Quality Assurance Software
Above: SLM.Quality is compatible with SLM 125, SLM 280, SLM 500, and SLM 800 3D printers/Image Source: SLM Solutions

SLM.Quality has been refined to the point where it is already implemented in running systems as a result of a thorough understanding of customer needs across all AM-adoptive industries. As a result, SLM.Quality is a superior solution that employs the ultimate combination of software packages.

Customers can easily visualize and evaluate their build data using SLM.Quality, allowing them to validate their parts and continuously improve their processes. The SLM.Quality solution not only provides valuable build job insights, but it also provides a quick and error-free documentation process.

“SLM.Quality is the ideal quality assurance solution to enable Additive Manufacturers to adopt the best-in-class industry practices by performing process qualification and part validation activities even more efficiently than before. The solution is flexible as we offer a ready-to-use desktop application with visualisation dashboards and a reporting tool, but also an API to enable seamless access to the process data for the MES and Production control system.”

– Nicolas Lemaire, Product Manager Software & Product Control at SLM Solutions

SLM.Quality is compatible with SLM 125, SLM 280, SLM 500, and SLM 800 3D printers and does not require any advanced training for operators. It is easy to understand for all types of users. The company has ensured that the software is flexible enough to be configurable to any customer.

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