SPEE3D XSPEED Metal 3D Printer to be Used at the Naval Postgraduate School

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SPEE3D XSPEED Metal 3D Printer to be Used at the Naval Postgraduate School
SPEE3D 3D Metal Printing/ Source: Speed3D

SPEE3D, a metal 3D printer manufacturer based in Australia, has shipped a machine to the United States Naval Postgraduate School. Students and scientists in the armed forces will utilise the printer to experiment with Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing (CSAM).

In the realm of maritime, aerospace, and ground equipment MRO, the XSPEE3D printer’s cutting-edge Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing (CSAM) technology will be used well. Because of its expeditionary nature, which allows it to be housed within a durable and deployable metal container and deployed anywhere, even extreme field circumstances, the Naval Postgraduate School has chosen the XSPEE3D metal 3D printer. The use of inert gases or lasers is unnecessary, and it instead operates on hot compressed air, making it safer for the operator. CAMRE’s Programme Manager Chris Curran remarked, “We were also impressed with its capabilities regarding build speeds and maximum part size and its lineup of current and future materials.”

Utilization of SPEE3D XSPEED metal 3D printer

In its efforts to aid the United States Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard, CAMRE has installed this machine to hasten the spread of metal additive manufacturing. Graduate students, PhD applicants, and R&D professionals at the US Naval Postgraduate School will use the machine.

SPEE3D XSPEED Metal 3D Printer to be Used at the Naval Postgraduate School
Naval Postgraduate School to utilise SPEE3D XSPEED metal 3D printer/ Source: Defense News

CAMRE will use the XSPEE3D cold spray metal 3D printer to aid in MRO activities for surface and subsurface ships, aircraft, and ground equipment. During competitive military testing and exercises, they will put SPEE3D’s cold spray additive manufacturing to the test on land and in the water.

The ability to rapidly manufacture metal repair and replacement components at the site of need is essential for minimising downtime for both combatants and maintenance personnel. To aid its users in producing components in minutes under “harsh, remote military conditions,” XSPEE3D has been developed as a containerized and ruggedized system that is readily transportable.

Reason behind choosing XSPEED metal 3D printer

Chris Curran, CAMRE’s Programme Manager, said that the XSPEE3D metal 3D printer was selected by the Naval Postgraduate School because of its expeditionary character, which allows it to be housed in a durable and transportable metal container and deployed anywhere, even in extreme field settings. The use of inert gases or lasers is unnecessary, and it instead operates on hot compressed air, making it safer for the operator. We were also quite impressed with its lineup of existing and future materials, as well as its build speeds and maximum part size.

“We’re thrilled to partner with CAMRE to bring access to our CSAM technology that allows them to integrate efforts with our company, NAVSEA, and Penn State University’s Applied Research Lab,” said Chris Harris, Vice President of Defence for the Americas at SPEE3D.

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SPEE3D has a history of working with defence organisations, and its cooperation with CAMRE is only the most recent example. This year alone, the company has printed parts on demand for the US Marine Corps during a live-fire training exercise, had metal cold spray 3D printing chosen to develop subsafe manufacturing materials by the US Navy, and won the OSD ManTech “Point of Need Challenge” for solutions to support forward-deployed forces in austere environments.

About SPEED3D: SPEE3D is a frontrunner in the field of metal additive manufacturing technology, with a focus on the R&D and distribution of metal 3D printers and integrated systems that make use of the company’s unique Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing (CSAM) process. Hence, the SPEE3D portfolio provides a wide variety of metals, such as Aluminum, Aluminum Bronze, Stainless Steel, and Copper, with substantially quicker output than conventional metal manufacturing processes.

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