SprintRay Launches New ProWash S Featuring Cloud Connectivity

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SprintRay Launches New ProWash S Featuring Cloud Connectivity
SprintRay Launches New ProWash S Featuring Cloud Connectivity/Source: SprintRay

SprintRay‘s ProWash S is a ‘central element’ of post-processing technology that washes and dries 3D-printed components, and its release was just announced. ProWash S, the business claims, joins SprintRay hardware units via sophisticated software and cloud capabilities, passing print projects across devices mechanically from 3D print to cure.

“ProWash S is a significant step towards an intelligent dental workflow,” noted Hossein Bassir, Chief Product Officer of SprintRay. “ProWash S” The creators are quoted as saying, “We’ve taken all the lessons learned from the award-winning Pro Wash/Dry and made targeted improvements, from advanced cloud features to a new user interface that’s helpful and intelligent.”

The ProWash S has a computer with a five-inch touchscreen and sophisticated networking capabilities, letting it to send and receive information about print jobs. To obtain “critical information” from the Pro S printer before washing, such as resin type and processing instructions, and to transmit curing information to the ProCure 2, the SprintRay Cloud must be accessed.

Sprintray Connects Cloud for a Smarter Workflow

The ProWash S comes with a computer that has a 5″ touchscreen and is equipped with modern networking, which enables it to communicate and receive data about print jobs. By accessing the SprintRay Cloud, it can obtain vital information from the Pro S printer before washing, such as the resin type and the processing instructions, and then send that information on to the ProCure 2 along with the curing profile information.

SprintRay Launches New ProWash S Featuring Cloud Connectivity
SprintRay Launches New ProWash S Featuring Cloud Connectivity/Source: Sprintray

Additionally, the intelligent onboard system guides routine workflow activities and prescheduled maintenance. This, in conjunction with the automation of cloud-based work handoff, results in a reduction in the number of decisions and touchpoints, which in turn improves repeatability and minimises the amount of training that is required.

Updates to the Design and Hardware Have Been Made.

The motor dynamics and washing profiles may be tuned to increase wash quality across the board for all types of resin while also cutting the total cycle time. A completely redesigned drying fan ensures that the pieces are completely dry before moving on to the subsequent phases, which helps optimise the mechanical qualities. In addition, customers of ProWash S have the ability to establish individualised cleaning profiles, which offers a new degree of workflow control.

“Over the past six years, SprintRay has been the single most important factor in the success of my practise,” said Steven Shao, DMD. “With the remarkable ProWash S and its seamless one-touch operation, we are taking clinical efficiency and user-friendliness to a whole new level!” / “We are taking clinical efficiency and user-friendliness to a whole new level!”

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About SprintRay : SprintRay is a company that specialises in the creation and production of cutting-edge and user-friendly solutions for the field of digital dentistry. These solutions include 3D printers, post processing environments, powerful AI-powered software, and unique materials.By utilising SprintRay to quicken care delivery and boost the degree to which it can be customised, dental care professionals can provide patients with the highest possible level of service. Our mission is to compile a selected collection of the most cutting-edge dental production equipment ever created. There aren’t dozens of unrelated goods in our catalog. If we put our name on anything, you can be sure it was thought out, targeted, and developed to perfection to fill a gap in the market.

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