STPL 3D unveils its Made in India SLS 3D printer at IMTEX 2024

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STPL 3D unveils its Made in India SLS 3D printer
STPL 3D unveils its Made in India SLS 3D printer/Source: STPL 3D

STPL 3D, a division of Sahajanand Technologies Private Limited, unveiled its latest 3D printing product, a Made in India SLS 3D printer, at the ongoing IMTEX 2024 exhibition in Bengaluru. The unveiling of STPL 3D’s ground-breaking additions to its 3D printing portfolio was a historic event attended by key industry figures.

Dr. Sankha dip Das, Scientist E at the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India, who was present virtually, Mr. Jaspreet Sidhu, Chief Executive Officer at NCAM India, Dr. Ajeet Babu, Manager at the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI), Mr. Rahul Gaywala, CEO of Sahajanand Technologies Pvt. Ltd., and Mr Munjal Gajjar, Head of R&D at Sahajanand Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Made in India SLS 3D printer at IMTEX 2024

The INSS 500 boasts of a large 500 mm3 build volume
The INSS 500 boasts of a large 500 mm3 build volume/Source: STPL 3D

STPL 3D has developed and launched a number of industrial 3D printers in recent years, including Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) and Stereolithography (SLA), and the latest SLS 3D printer is just another addition to this industrial segment.

“In the dynamic landscape of 3D printing, the future belongs to innovation and precision. STPL 3D is committed to leading this charge, providing cutting-edge solutions that not only meet present demands but also pave the way for a future where additive manufacturing is synonymous with STPL 3D.”

– Rahul Gaywala, CEO of STPL

The focal point of this historic launch is ‘India’s First SLS 3D Printer,’ a technological marvel designed to improve precision, scale, and efficiency in 3D printing. This cutting-edge machine, powered by a 100 W/Co2 laser and boasting an expansive build volume of 500 x 500 x 500 mm, breaks new ground in large-scale and intricate part production. The robust construction, weighing 2 tonnes, ensures stability, while the Win10, PC-based control system provides seamless operation. The addition of USB 2.0 connectivity and a power requirement of 11 KW strengthens its position as a game changer in the additive manufacturing space.

Beyond its impressive technical specifications, the SLS 3D Printer includes an inbuilt part cleaning chamber, a revolutionary feature that eliminates the need for external intervention in the post-printing process. This innovation not only improves efficiency but also streamlines workflows, demonstrating STPL 3D’s dedication to user-friendly, future-ready 3D printing solutions.

In addition to the SLS marvel, STPL 3D announced new advances in FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling) and SLA (Stereolithography) technologies. The new offerings in these categories demonstrate STPL 3D’s commitment to providing a full range of 3D printing solutions. With a focus on quality, precision, and versatility, these advancements are applicable to a wide range of applications, from rapid prototyping to production-grade manufacturing.

With advancements and developments like these, STPL 3D hopes to play a pivotal role in driving the evolution of additive manufacturing in the country and around the world. The expanded portfolio demonstrates the company’s adaptability to the ever-changing needs of industries, as well as its technological prowess.

About STPL 3D: STPL 3D, a division of Sahajanand Technologies Private Limited, is a leader in the additive manufacturing industry. STPL 3D, India’s largest 3D printer manufacturer, continues to lead in innovation, providing a diverse range of solutions in FDM, SLA, and now SLS technologies. The company’s commitment to quality and excellence establishes it as a go-to provider of 3D printing solutions in a variety of industries.

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