Stratasys Introduces Antero 800NA, A New PEKK-Based Thermoplastic Material

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Stratasys Ltd., one of the global leaders in applied additive technology solutions introduced Antero 800NA, a new PEKK-based material for FDM 3D printing process.

According to Stratasys, the Antero 800NA is superior to any other high-performance material available in the market. Its notable qualities like excellent chemical resistance, high heat resistance, and wear resistance are a step above all the current comparable materials. Antero 800NA releases a negligible amount of gas which is essential for aerospace applications.

Bracket made from PEKK-based material Antero 800NA

Above: Bracket made from PEKK-based material Antero 800NA/Image Credit: Stratasys

PEKK Material

Polyetherketoneketone or PEKK is a variant of the much known PEEK but has one additional Ketone. The additional ketone means it has better mechanical properties than PEEK. It offers better structural performance and as a result, it can prove beneficial in the further development of the materials market.

Unlike PEEK, PEKK exhibits both crystalline and amorphous material properties. This makes PEKK a unique material. Due to its inherent qualities, it is a better material than the popular PEEK.

Component made from PEKK-based material Antero 800NA

Above: Component made from PEKK-based material Antero 800NA/Image Credit: Stratasys

Since PEKK material offers so many benefits many manufacturers are contemplating using it for their end-use applications for building light-weight parts resulting in cost savings at multiple levels. These properties lend itself useful in aerospace and automotive applications.

Since PEKK exhibits superior chemical resistance with low outgassing, it is perfect for use in confined spaces and in critical environments like that in space where the component cannot release gas due to vacuum. Its high-temperature resistance makes it ideal for use in manufacturing parts of the engine.

The material is costly and this hampers its use in traditional manufacturing but additive manufacturing can exploit the material by reducing the material usage and waste thereby bringing down the manufacturing costs and making it viable. It also means less inventory as parts can be made on-demand further lowering the costs and increasing profitability.

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Benefits resulting from Antero 800NA

  1. Superior mechanical and chemical properties
  2. Consistent mechanical properties across the cross-section
  3. Strong and tough parts
  4. Better elongation in the X and Z axis
  5. Low-volume cost advantages
  6. Ideal for applications in aerospace, automotive industry, engine components, heavy industrial manufacturing, etc.

Stratasys’ new material can be used not only in aerospace and automotive industries but also in high-end industrial manufacturing and oil-and-gas applications.

Stratasys claims that PEKK parts made from powder bed fusion techniques are inferior to parts made from Antero 800NA in FDM processes.

Antero 800NA is the first commercially available material introduced by Stratasys as it plans to roll out a range of PEKK-based high-performance materials. The Antero 800NA can be readily used in Stratasys’ Fortus 450mc Production 3D Printer and will be made available in the second quarter of 2018, while it will be made available for Fortus 900mc Production 3D Printer in the last quarter of 2018.


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