Stratasys, Dassault Systèmes come together for Major 3D Printing, Prosthetics Initiative

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Stratasys, one of the global leaders in applied additive technologies announced that it is teaming with Dassault Systèmes and industry innovator Easton LaChappelle to power a new initiative called Unlimited Tomorrow. The programme, aims to offer low-cost, highly functional 3D printed prosthetics for those who need them the most. Under the initiative, Stratasys will fully undertake research, development and production of prosthetics and will become the exclusive provider of 3D printing technology for the initiative.

By targeting common pain points such as customisation, weight and cost, Unlimited Tomorrow aims to transform the way artificial limbs are made. For example, currently, traditional prosthetic models are heavy, cumbersome and expensive and cost anywhere between $20,000 to more than $100,000. It becomes difficult to spend such a heavy amount on new devices especially on children because they quickly outgrow the prosthetics models and require entirely new devices.

However, Unlimited Tomorrow aims to transform personalised 3D printed prosthetics by placing the recipient of the models first. By giving priority to the recipients of the prosthetic models, the organisation builds intuitive, scalable models to engineer custom devices from start to end. In addition, the organisation also aims to explore digital scanning and 3D printing technologies to streamline development and minimise the impact on each patient by reducing multiple fittings.

The programme Unlimited Tomorrow is backed by the power of Indiegogo’s crowdfunding platform and driven by industry innovator Easton LaChappelle. Speaking about the collaboration with Stratasys, Easton LaChappelle, Founder of the programme, said in an official statement released by Stratasys, “Unlimited Tomorrow is driven by enabling the possible, with unique thinking that results in absolutely incredible ideas. Our intent is always ‘user-first’, meaning the technology serves needs of patients from the outset – and it’s all driven by the most advanced technology”. “We are honored to have Stratasys and Dassault Systèmes join our growing enterprise coalition, further empowering us to change the paradigm for personalized, 3D printed prosthetics and accelerate our-go-to market.”

Easton LaChappelle  delivering new age of custom-designed 3D printed prosthetic

Above: Innovator Easton LaChappelle delivering new age of custom-designed 3D printed prosthetic arms/Image Credit: Unlimited Tomorrow

The initiative is also supported by Dassault Systèmes as it is the programme’s dedicated CAD/CAE supplier apart from Stratasys. The collaboration with Stratasys will give the programme access to best-in-class 3D printing know-how and materials to develop and produce prosthetics that are sturdy, functional and aesthetically-pleasing. On the other hand, Dassault Systèmes’ SOLIDWORKS applications will give Unlimited Tomorrow the ultimate 3D design and engineering portfolio needed to facilitate an integrated design-to-creation process and bring innovations to the market at a faster rate than earlier. SOLIDWORKS is known to offer a high degree of collaboration and idea-sharing to create cost-effective devices for recipients.

Praising the initiative as key in enhancing the lives of children worldwide, Arita Mattsoff, Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at Stratasys said, “We view 3D printing as a catalyst for healthcare innovation to enable better patient care, streamline procedures, and improve learning. One of the most visible impacts is in creation of prosthetics. That’s why a main component of our Corporate Social Responsibility program is focused on accessibility of devices – driving true change, improving quality-of-life, and advancing recipients’ self-esteem”. “Unlimited Tomorrow is bettering the lives of children worldwide with practical and affordable custom-fit devices. We’re proud to team with long-time partner Dassault Systèmes and Unlimited Tomorrow – bringing the technology and know-how to create the best artificial limbs,” Mattsoff added.

Speaking of how SOLIDWORKS can help advance Unlimited Tomorrow’s global initiative, Suchit Jain, Vice President, Strategy & Business Development, SOLIDWORKS, Dassault Systèmes, explained, “In this highly competitive market, true industry leaders encourage efficiency and creativity across all aspects of their operations – particularly in design, manufacturing and product development. Time and again, SOLIDWORKS is the go-to portfolio of applications that makes real innovation possible.” “It’s very rewarding to align with Stratasys to advance Unlimited Tomorrow’s global initiative,” Jain concluded.




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