Stratasys DentaJet 3D Printers are preferred by Dental Labs Globally

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Stratasys J3 DentaJet 3D printer allows dental labs like ADT to reduce project time from days to a single day and reduce unnecessary overtime
Stratasys J3 DentaJet 3D printer allows dental labs like ADT to reduce project time from days to a single day and reduce unnecessary overtime/Source: Business Wire

Stratasys Ltd., a leader in polymer 3D printing solutions, announced that its professional-grade DentaJet 3D printers are preferred by dental labs across the globe to deliver increased quality and accuracy to dental applications while improving overall production efficiencies. Stratasys launched its entry-level J3™ DentaJet 3D printer earlier this year, complementing its more advanced J5™ DentaJet model.

Advanced Dental Technologies, a Boston-based full-service lab, recently purchased the new J3 DentaJet printer and has been using it to create crown and bridge, removable, and implant models.

DentaJet 3D Printers

Stratasys DentaJet 3D printers helps in creation of surgical guides and modular jig systems
Stratasys DentaJet 3D printers helps in creation of surgical guides and modular jig systems/Source: Business Wire

The Stratasys DentaJet™ professional-grade, multi-material dental printers are designed to address the evolving production needs of dental labs. Leverage Stratasys’ smart digital workflow, unattended printing, fewer changeovers, and minimal post-processing to increase output while producing higher quality dental parts — all with unmatched accuracy. ​

The cost-effective DentaJet 3D printers address the evolving production needs of dental labs by enabling unattended printing and minimal post-processing by leveraging Stratasys’ smart digital workflow. This allows labs to redistribute resources, which aids in overcoming the ongoing industry-wide challenge of skilled labour shortage. Stratasys offers a customised solution for each dental application and its specific needs, such as high accuracy, colour realism, or durability. Users can simultaneously create extremely accurate, high-quality models, surgical guides, and soft gingiva masks made of multiple materials in a single tray.

“We’re really thrilled with the J3’s output quality, and the ability to undertake multi-material printing has made our workflow so much easier and faster. We own several 3D printers, but this is by far the team’s favourite. We were able to streamline and simplify the process from multiple prints every day to a more streamlined, efficient workflow and environment in the lab, helping us reduce cost by eliminating unnecessary overtime. What would have previously taken three days, we can now do in a day, with greater accuracy and at a fraction of the cost.”

– Dany Karam, Owner, Advanced Dental Technologies

Ident’M, a French dental lab, recently purchased a J5 DentaJet printer, which now runs 20 hours a day to produce approximately 1,000 dental parts per month. Along with other requirements, the dental parts must be extremely precise, which the Stratasys system meets with accuracy to 18 microns.

“This 3D printer’s precision is simply unachievable with any other technology today. Thanks to the level of accuracy, we have reduced chair time for patients for applications such as crown fittings which has led to very positive feedback from our customers. We’ve also been able to save time and improve productivity by producing full-colour dental models on one J5 printer instead of three legacy 3D printers that were dedicated to three different applications.”

– Olivier Mangot, Co-director, Ident’M

The DentaJet series, powered by PolyJet™ technology, is enabling new applications such as monolithic full-colour dentures with Stratasys’ TrueDent™ solution, which was announced earlier this year for the US market.

Ronen Lebi, Vice President of Dental at Stratasys, said, “DentaJet printers are proving ideal for dental applications, given the complex geometries and variety of materials required. With its robust catalogue of strengths spanning unrivalled accuracy to superior colour realism, the technology not only unlocks important advantages across various applications, but crucially provides a versatility that is critical in any modern, competitive and fast-paced dental environment. We’ve paired these printers with a seamless digital workflow that ensures dental labs quickly see the business benefits while better serving their own customers; that’s why we’re seeing such rapid adoption around the world.”

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