Stratasys Unveils New 3D Printer that offers Multi-material and Full Color Functionality for Dental Market

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[penci_blockquote style=”style-2″ align=”none” author=”” font_style=”normal” uppercase=”false”]Combining accuracy, multi-material and full color functionality – at 1.75x throughput, the new J720 Dental 3D Printer sets new standard in laboratory 3D Printing[/penci_blockquote]

Bringing new levels of 3D printed realism into the dental industry, Stratasys one of the global leaders in additive manufacturing technology announced the launch of its new dental 3D printer for the dental market. Known as J720 Dental, the new 3D printer creates faster turnaround times that allow dental labs to streamline operations, fulfill more cases and grow new business without further capital expense.

Backed by more than 500,000 color combinations, the multi-material 3D printer produces extremely high resolution, patient-specific models with precise accuracy – at 1.75x the daily throughput of high-end DLP and SLA dental 3D printers.

dental 3D printer

Above: The Stratasys J720 Dental 3D Printer. The J720 is an all-in-one dental printer combining speed, large capacity, high resolution and access to up to six materials at once/Image Credit: Stratasys

With capacity that is almost doubled when compared to some of top-of-the-line DLP and SLA dental 3D printers, the J720 can deliver competitive solutions while supporting quick turnaround of urgent cases. A large build tray can print six materials simultaneously – increasing case volume and managing a full range of applications in a single print job. Reducing high-touch labor associated with management of small print bed single-material printers, the solution is able to accommodate a range of applications at one time.

Combining multi-materials and full-color realism, the J720 has the potential to increase patient acceptance of case presentations – offering realistic treatment models before work ever begins. Offering faster time-to-part, the 3D printer also achieves the highest-resolution 3D prints for models.

dental 3D printer

Above: The new Stratasys J720 Dental 3D Printer sets new standards in realism for digital dentistry – leveraging more than 500,000 color combinations/Image Credit: Stratasys

Speaking about how the new 3D printer from Stratasys can help dental labs increase the productivity, Barry Diener, Dental Segment Sales Leader at Stratasys said, “Labs today operate in a very competitive space where differentiation counts on mastering the digital workflow and expanding into new products and services.”

“The J720 Dental 3D Printer is designed to change the game – allowing levels of speed, productivity and realism the market has never seen. This powers laboratories to meet the demands of a competitive market and push the boundaries of digital dentistry,” added Diener.

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The new 3D printer is also backed by the award winning GrabCAD Print software, which eliminates the tedious CAD to STL roadblock. As a result, the new J720 guarantees a simplified, all-digital workflow – making it easy to transition from CAD model to 3D printed part thereby helping large labs utilising multiple systems to streamline job management.

Additionally, the Cloud connectivity of the software makes it easier for technicians to conduct remote monitoring – keeping track of multiple printers from a single source and automatically tracking material consumption and machine utilization. All of these features virtually eliminate requirements for high-touch, manual intervention allowing labs to save both time and money.

The new 3D printer from Stratasys is currently on display at the ongoing LMT Lab Day Chicago and will be made available to users in May 2019.

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