Stryker to Showcase its Growing Line of 3D Printed Tritanium Cages at AANS

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Stryker – one of the global leaders in medical technologies announced in an official release that its Spine Division will showcase its expanding line of 3D printed Tritanium Cages at the forthcoming American Association Neurological Surgeons (AANS) Annual Scientific Meeting scheduled to take place in New Orleans, United States.

The AANS is a scientific and educational association focused on advancing the specialty of neurological surgery. Out of the several of the products, Stryker, the main highlight will be Stryker’s new Tritanium TL Curved Posterior Lumbar Cage – a 3D-printed intervertebral body fusion device. In March 2018, Tritanium TL Curved Posterior Lumbar Cage received clearance for use as an aid in lumbar fixation from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

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Above: Tritanium TL Curved Posterior Lumbar Cage/Image Credit: Stryker

Tritanium Cages are built using Tritanium In-Growth Technology, a novel, highly porous titanium material designed for bone in-growth and biological fixation. Known as AMagine, this technology is Stryker’s proprietary approach, in which the company uses additive manufacturing technology to create implants.

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The use of additive manufacturing, allows the company to produce randomised yet reproducible porous structures features and an interconnected architecture with rugged irregular pore sizes and shapes that mimic the natural cancellous bone. Cancellous bones are meshwork of spongy tissue typically found at the core of verterbral bones in the spine.

Because of the unique advantages that these cages offer, the Tritanium cages have been well-received by surgeon users and continue to gain momentum. Since their launch, the Spine division has sold nearly 26,000 Tritanium Posterior Lumbar (PL) and Tritanium Anterior Cervical (C) Cages, combined according to Bradley Paddock, President of the Spine Division of Stryker.

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Above: The Tritanium PL Cage/Image Credit: Stryker

“We are delighted to feature our growing family of Tritanium Cages at AANS this year and especially proud to introduce the Tritanium TL Curved Posterior Lumbar Cage,” Paddock said.

“The new Tritanium TL Cage complements our Tritanium PL Cage, and together they offer alternative posterior lumbar solutions for spine surgeons and their patients,” Paddock concluded.

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