Sugar Lab develops 3D Printed Candies for Cinco de Mayo

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3D Printed Candies
Above: Sugarlab’s 3D printed Luchador tepache bonbons for Cinco de Mayo celebration/Image Source: Sugar Lab 3D

Sugar Lab 3D, the world’s first true digital bakery, created a new assortment of intricate 3D printed candies to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, an annual celebration held on 5th of May. The 3D printed candies represent the Mexican-American culture and flavours.

Sugar Lab

3D printed candies
Above: Sugarlab’s mexican hot chocolate sugar cubes/Image Source: Sugar Lab 3D

Sugar Lab 3D is run by a small team of chefs, architects turned to designers, and tech geeks, forms a range of imaginative food designs, including chocolate bonbons, drink garnishes, and candies.

About a decade ago Sugar Lab invented a new kind of culinary printer that uses powdered sugar and water, instead of extruding food pastes like everyone else. By utilizing this unique process we were able to create complex shapes not seen before in the culinary space. After refining the technology they created, the company is now able to deliver the most amazing 3D printed treats straight right to the doorstep.

Cinco de Mayo
Above: Sugarlab’s margarita limes/Image Source: Sugar Lab 3D

3D Printed Candies

In its recent collection targeted to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, the Sugar Lab team introduced five types of 3D printed candies, blending flavours and colours for all tastes. ‘Luchador tepache bonbon’ takes shape as a colourful, salted, 3D printed lime shell, filled with milk chocolate, and caramelized pineapple ganache which brings a fusion of sweet and tangy.

Cinco de Mayo
Above: Sugarlab’s chili lime habanero candy/Image Source: Sugar Lab 3D

The series also includes the ‘chili lime habanero candy’ which is a staple on the streets of LA and is now available in a 3D printed form thanks to sugar lab. Meanwhile, ‘margarita lime wedges’ are developed as a 3D printed salted candy that allows foodies to enjoy a new twist on the classic margarita taste. 

The ‘Mexican hot chocolate sugar cubes’ take form as small geometric gems, ‘made with real cacao and ready to fall into a glass of milk,’ as sugar lab shares. The collection is completed with ‘piñata watermelon lemonade’ candy which was born as a playful response to the question ‘what would a sugar cube look like if it was also a piñata?’

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