SUNLU unveiled its new 3D Printing Material Innovations at TCT Asia

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SUNLU unveiled its new 3D Printing Material Innovations at TCT Asia 2024
SUNLU unveiled its new 3D Printing Material Innovations at TCT Asia 2024/Source: SUNLU

SUNLU, a Hong Kong-based manufacturer of cheap 3D printing filaments and resins, showcased a diverse range of 3D printing material innovations at the recently finished TCT Asia 2024 event in Shanghai, China. As a global summit for 3D printing technology, this expo brought together a number of industry leaders and research professionals to investigate the cutting edge of digital manufacturing technology.

At this exhibition, SUNLU displayed a variety of new materials and electronic goods, displaying its excellent achievements in additive manufacturing.

SUNLU 3D Printing Material Innovations

SUNLU drew a huge number of visitors with its distinctive booth design, and the display of numerous products elicited passionate responses.

“As experts in 3D printing, SUNLU has always adhered to our core concept of ‘Technology Simplifies Creation,’ focusing on users and continuously pursuing excellent product quality. Our latest innovations are based on in-depth insights into user and market needs, aiming to bring users a better experience.”

– Jack Jiang, General Manager, SUNLU

Reusable Spools

Addressing a major annoyance among 3D printer users, the management of empty spools, SUNLU introduced reusable spools after extensive market research and technical analysis, providing a novel option for energy conservation and environmental protection.

These spools, designed with sustainability in mind, offer sophisticated materials and reuse-optimized structures, as well as weight markings, prominent visual labels, and durability, eliminating spatial waste and improving material management efficiency. Furthermore, perforations on the spools improve drying, resulting in greater filament quality.

High-Speed Filaments

With quick printing becoming a common feature of 3D printers, the quality and efficiency of printing materials must increase. SUNLU quickly responded to market demand for higher-performance filaments with its High-Speed Series Filaments, which include High-Speed PLA, High-Speed ABS, and High-Speed PETG.

Capable of supporting printing speeds of up to 600mm/s without sacrificing precision, these filaments promise superior print quality while retaining the benefits of general filaments such as PLA compatibility, ABS toughness, and PETG resilience, significantly increasing both efficiency and user satisfaction.

Functional Filaments

With 3D printing moving into new industries like as lifestyle, education, art, and culture, SUNLU introduced a line of functional filaments to meet these growing needs. This comprises flexible TPU, UV/rain/heat-resistant ASA, Easy PA for high-strength components, lightweight yet strong PLA Carbon Fibre, and Anti-String PLA for a smooth surface finish. These filaments increase the application spectrum and promote creativity across sectors.

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