Superstrata Launches Custom 3D Printed Unibody Carbon Fiber Composite Bike and E-Bike

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Custom 3D Printed Unibody Carbon Fiber Composite Bike and E-Bike
The Superstrata Terra/Source: Superstrata

Arevo, a Silicon Valley-based company has unveiled what the company claims are the world’s first 3D printed truly unibody bikes. Launched under its newly created brand Superstrata, the two bikes Superstrata Terra and Superstrata Ion are touted as the first 3D printed unibody carbon fiber composite bike manufactured using industrial-grade carbon fiber composite material.

The Superstrata Terra is a lightweight bicycle custom-built for various riding styles whereas the Superstrata Ion is a lightweight e-bike that comes with a 250W motor. Both the bikes are manufactured in a unibody thermoplastic carbon fiber. In other words, the bikes are manufactured as a single continuous piece against traditional bikes which are welded together from different pieces.

3D Printed Unibody Carbon Fiber Composite Bike

What makes the two bikes unique is the use of industrial-grade thermoplastic carbon fiber composite material. The material used has made the bikes extremely lightweight. This can be seen from the weight of the bikes’ frames. For example, the frame of Ion weighs only 1.7 kg whereas that of Terra weighs 1.3 kg. The estimated overall weights of the bike are 11 and 7.5 kg respectively making the two one of the light-weight bikes on the planet.

3D printed e-bikes
The Superstrata Ion e-bike/Source: Superstrata

Another benefit of using industrial-grade thermoplastic materials is that it has also given the bikes more strength. The bikes are also impact resistant and also feature a sleek design. The use of 3D printing technology has also allowed Superstrata to offer the bikes in a variety of designs and infinite sizes or custom-made frames made as per the preferences of the riders.

As far as the price of the bikes is concerned, Superstrata has priced the Ion at $3,999 and the Terra at $2, 7999, which is competitive than many of the multi-body traditional bikes available on the market. Superstrata has also opened pre-orders of the bike and e-bike on the crowd-funding site Indiegogo.

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