HP India partners with Redington 3D to produce 1.2 Lakh 3D Printed Ventilator Parts in 24 Days

2 Mins read
HP Inc., a leader in industrial end-to-end 3D printing solutions, revealed in an official statement that it has partnered with Redington 3D in India to produce 1.2 lakh 3D printed ventilator parts for AgVa Healthcare,, a leading ventilator manufacturer from India. Through this collaboration HP managed to manufacture all the parts in just 24 days.

The 15-Minute 3D Printed Face Mask that went 'Viral'

4 Mins read
GE Additive Employee Mark Fuller designed and developed a 3D printed face mask that can be printed in just 15 minutes and costs next to nothing. Furthermore, the unique face mask can also be fitted with a filter making it better and safer than most available in the market.

Surviving the Post-COVID-19 World through Additive Manufacturing: Aviation Industry

6 Mins read

The aviation industry has had the biggest impact of all from the COVID-19 crisis resulting in a complete shutdown. Experts fear that the sector is in jeopardy and its survival is at stake. While they demand multiple packages from their respective governments to save the industry, that alone will not save the industry. It is also the responsibility of those within the industry to revisit their approach of doing business and rapidly implement efficient systems.

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