Empowering Businesses to Build Sustainable Growth with 3D Printing

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The range of industries encompassed by the 3D printing technology is unmatched. It is a technology suited and required by every industry, company, and even individual plants. The current COVID-19 crisis makes 3D printer all the more relevant and the need of the hour. Novabeans, the exclusive partner of Ultimaker in India, has been one of the strongest proponents of the technology in India and has already supplied S5 & S3 FDM 3D printers to multiple industries across India.

Creality Ender 6 FDM 3D Printer – Features & Specs Review 2020

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The Creality Ender 6 FDM 3D printer is the latest offering in the popular Ender-series of desktop FDM 3D printers by the Chinese DIY FDM 3D printer manufacturing company – Creality 3D. The Core XY machine is built upon its predecessor the Ender 5 Pro. Interestingly, Creality hasn’t disclosed much information about the printer but the initial images and the features sure are exciting.

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