Inverted Multi-Material Laser Sintering Technology developed by Columbia University Researchers

4 Mins read
An experiment led by Prof. Hod Lipson, a roboticist at New York’s Columbia University, and his PhD student John Whitehead, has resulted in the development of a new approach to overcome limitations of selective laser sintering (SLS) technology. The new approach, termed as Inverted multi-material laser sintering, also enables multi-material 3D printing.

Researchers Pioneer Droplet-based 3D Printing Technology using Microfluidics

3 Mins read
Chemical engineering assistant professor Jiandi Wan from the University of California, Davis pioneered a new droplet-based 3D printing technology using microfluidics. The microfluidic approach enabled the research team to efficiently print finely-tuned flexible materials with potential applications in soft robotics, tissue engineering, and wearable technology.