Technology Applied implements AMFG’s MES Software for enhancing its Additive Manufacturing capabilities

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Technology Applied to implement AMFG’s MES Software for enhancing its Additive Manufacturing capabilities
Technology Applied to implement AMFG’s MES Software for enhancing its Additive Manufacturing capabilities/Source: AMFG

AMFG, a leading provider of MES software for manufacturing, announced that Technology Applied, 3D printing service provider from Poland, has made the strategic decision to utilise AMFG’s MES software to optimise its Additive Manufacturing capabilities.

Technology Applied offers a variety of functional elements for machines, devices, and manufacturing lines. Their portfolio includes both prototypes and small and medium production runs. They provide high-quality, repeatable, and durable prints due to their experience and the availability of advanced industrial technologies.

Technology Applied to use AMFG’s MES Software

With its low starting costs, direct contact with clients, and short lead times, Technology Applied has established itself as a major player in the 3D printing and manufacturing industry. Technology Applied has SLS, MJF, FDM, and DLP capabilities, as well as a full dye-mansion system for colour and Vapour Smoothing details. The company is currently looking to automate its pre-production and production processes and has partnered with AMFG to do so. Jarosaw Kozak, CEO of Technology Applied, identified quotation services, pre-production processes, and time spent on administrative tasks as specific pain points for the company.

AMFG has provided bidding automation and production automation solutions to Technology Applied. These solutions have sped up and simplified these processes, making them more transparent and user-friendly. Following the integration of AMFG’s software, responding to an RFQ has been sped up by up to 70% in the case of salesperson inquiries. Furthermore, in the case of offers and orders placed through the Instant Quote portal, this process has become completely automated.

“AMFG’s automation software saves money for the company. Well-functioning and efficient transparent procedures in the company save time and work and thus provide peace of mind for the managerial staff.”

– Jarosław Kozak, CEO of Technology Applied

Instead of manually collating quotes, which often results in arduous and time-consuming back and forth, AMFG’s Instant Quote tool generates quotes based on sophisticated algorithms built in accordance with Technology Applied’s current quoting logic. This enables them to increase their quoting capability while maintaining the quality of their customer interactions. AMFG connects Technology Applied’s email to the tool, allowing them to easily convert email RFQs into quotes using our ticket function.

With less time spent on administrative tasks, Technology Applied can shift its salespeople away from time-consuming paperwork and towards acquiring new customers and maintaining relationships with them. Furthermore, AMFG’s digital warehouse allows Technology Applied to save parts from standing orders, which is a very convenient solution for their regular customers. Customers can simply add them to their cart rather than waiting for new offers on repeat orders.

AMFG’s MES Software enhances capabilities

AMFG has also provided solutions and improvements to Technology Applied’s production process. Kozak stated, “A clear layout and easy-to-use processes have become a blessing for the production department.” 

AMFG’s order management system allows Technology Applied to identify parts that were made from a specific batch of material. Part and order statuses are easy to track and review, and full traceability is provided by providing an end-to-end overview of the production process.

Increasing overall visibility leads to more streamlined quality assurance procedures, allowing Technology Applied to handle a greater volume of orders while maintaining production standards. Customers can now easily monitor their order status through real-time updates, in addition to providing engineers and machinists with a comprehensive overview of production processes.

“Thanks to the solutions proposed by AMFG, the production department can simply do its job instead of wondering what to do.”

Jarosław Kozak, CEO of Technology Applied

Commenting on the new partnership AMFG’s Implementation Consultant Robert Steele stated, “Technology Applied continuously shows itself to be front runners in the AM industry. We are always impressed by the scope and quality of work they produce, and with AMFG driving their efficiency I am sure they will continue to grow and innovate. It has been a pleasure to work alongside Jaroslaw and the TA team.”

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