Texas Back Institute uses DeGen Medical’s 3D Printed Solar AM ALIF gadget

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Texas Back Institute uses DeGen Medical's 3D Printed Solar AM ALIF gadget
DeGen Medical’s 3D Printed Solar AM/ Source: Yahoo finance

Spinal implant manufacturer DeGen Medical has achieved a significant milestone with the successful implantation of its groundbreaking 3D printed Solar AM anterior lumbar interbody fusion (ALIF) device at the renowned Texas Back Institute. This achievement, performed by Dr. Peter Derman and Dr. Alexander Satin, marks a pioneering moment in the field of spinal surgery. The procedures occurred at the Texas Health Center for Diagnostics and Surgery within the Texas Back Institute, globally recognized as one of the largest and most comprehensive multidisciplinary academic spine centers.

3D Printed Solar AM: A Revolution in Spinal Implants

The 3D Printed Solar AM implant represents the latest addition to DeGen Medical’s esteemed Puri-Ti portfolio. The device stands out for its versatility because it is available in a variety of sizes and lordotic options, ensuring a customized fit for each patient’s particular anatomy. 3D Printed Solar AM cutting-edge additive manufacturing process sets 3D Printed Solar AM apart, which eliminates the need for cutting oils or material transfer. Additionally, Solar AM employs the innovative PuriTi material, distinguished by its distinct metallurgical composition. This composition enhances visibility and reduces artifacts in imaging studies, a significant advancement in spinal implant technology.

Scott Blumenthal M.D., an orthopaedic spine surgeon at the Texas Back Institute, expressed his enthusiasm for Solar ALIF, stating, “Solar ALIF incorporates a proprietary additive manufacturing process and superior instrumentation that will be the new industry standard. Compared to standard titanium implants, the enhanced imaging characteristics is a major advantage by generating less image artifact.”

3D Printing Revolutionizes Spinal Implant Development

Texas Back Institute uses DeGen Medical's 3D Printed Solar AM ALIF gadget
Solar AM ALF/ Source: TCT Magazine

DeGen Medical is among a select group of companies harnessing the power of 3D printing to revolutionize the development of anterior lumbar implants. This groundbreaking technology is reshaping the landscape of spinal surgery and patient care. In a parallel development, Osseus Fusion Systems recently garnered unique FDA approval for its Pisces-SA ALIF device, showcasing the increasing recognition of 3D printing’s potential in the medical field.

Furthermore, Stryker introduced its 3D printed Monterey AL Interbody System, supported by new pre-clinical data in October 2022, further cementing the role of 3D printing in spinal surgery innovation. Camber Spine Technologies is another key player that has received FDA 510(k) clearance for its 3D printed SPIRA Open Matrix ALIF device, underlining the industry’s growing confidence in additive manufacturing.

In conclusion, DeGen Medical’s successful implantation of the 3D Printed Solar AM ALIF device at the Texas Back Institute represents a groundbreaking achievement in spinal implant technology. This innovative 3D printed device, with its unique metallurgical composition and advanced manufacturing process, has the potential to set a new industry standard, offering enhanced imaging characteristics and improved patient outcomes. Moreover, it is part of a broader trend in the medical field where 3D printing is playing a pivotal role in reshaping the development and capabilities of spinal implants. As technology advances, patients can look forward to increasingly customized and effective solutions for spinal health.

About Degen Medical: DeGen Medical is a pioneering manufacturer specializing in spinal implant technology. With a reputation for innovation and cutting-edge medical solutions, the company has earned a prominent position in the healthcare industry. DeGen Medical’s commitment to advancement is exemplified by its latest achievement—the successful implantation of the 3D Printed Solar AM anterior lumbar interbody fusion (ALIF) device, a 3D printed marvel. This implant, part of the esteemed Puri-Ti portfolio, offers unprecedented customization options with various sizes and lordotic choices to cater to individual patient needs.

What sets DeGen Medical apart is its groundbreaking additive manufacturing process, which eliminates the need for cutting oils and material transfer. Combined with the proprietary PuriTi material, this process results in enhanced imaging characteristics and reduced artifacts in imaging studies, setting a new standard for spinal implants.

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