The Centauri Carbon – ELEGOO’s Game-Changing 3D Printer is now here

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ELEGOO unveiled the new line-up of 3D printers
ELEGOO unveiled the new line-up of 3D printers/Source: ELEGOO

ELEGOO, a rapidly growing global smart manufacturing brand, unveiled the Centauri Carbon, its first CoreXY flagship, at RAPID + TCT 2024. The product team affectionately refers to it as “CC.” Its goal is to truly simplify 3D printing for beginners by eliminating the steep learning curve and high costs that have traditionally been barriers.

ELEGOO had made an early announcement of their upcoming and game-changing 3D printer, and the release of Centauri Carbon marks a potential watershed moment that could take 3D printing beyond hobbyists and into everyday tech, benefiting people’s lives.

ELEGOO also unveiled other new products at the event like two new 3D printers in the Mars line-up.

ELEGOO Centauri Carbon

The ELEGOO Centauri Carbon 3D printer
The ELEGOO Centauri Carbon 3D printer/Source: ELEGOO

When the Centauri Carbon project was launched in early 2023, the goal was not just to build another FDM 3D printer, but to create a true game changer capable of revolutionising the industry. The Centauri Carbon is expected to perform well in the consumer market, thanks to its space-gray metal design and fully enclosed frame. It has smart AI camera capabilities and a strong integrated aluminium die-cast construction.

Unlike ELEGOO’s previous product lines, which were named after planets, the Centauri Carbon is inspired by Liu Cixin’s renowned science-fiction novel “The Three-Body Problem.” In the novel, a race of aliens known as Trisolarans lives in a triple-star system modelled after Alpha Centauri, the nearest star system to Earth.

“After extensive testing to ensure its 100% ready, we now decided to officially launch our first CoreXY printer. The Centauri Carbon aims to set a new industry standard by being incredibly beginner-friendly and accessible to everyone. It also serves as a workhorse for hobbyists, artists, designers, students, teachers, small businesses, and anyone who loves to create and make things, unleashing their creativity with just a few clicks.”

– Chris Hong, Founder and CEO of ELEGOO

Centauri Carbon, like its namesake, represents resilience and innovation, making it the most accessible and user-friendly model for 3D printing beginners. At RAPID + TCT, attendees got their first look at the Centauri Carbon, which is set to be released before September.

Resin 3D Printing with Mars 5 Series

Following the success of the Mars 3 and Mars 4 series, ELEGOO introduces the most recent additions to this popular lineup, the Mars 5 and Mars 5 Ultra, which were unveiled at North America’s largest additive manufacturing event.

With a top speed of up to 150mm/h, the Mars 5 Ultra outperforms the competition. Its revolutionary Tilt Release Technology enables quick model removal from the release film, resulting in lightning-fast printing without sacrificing detail, accuracy, or reliability.

The Mars 5 Ultra’s standout feature is its pioneering Resin Exposure Time Calibration. Users can now fine-tune and optimise resin curing by choosing from four, six, or eight equal segments. This unique capability enables simultaneous 3D printing experiments across multiple exposure time zones, allowing for precise calibration for optimal print quality.

In contrast to the Mars 5 Ultra, the Mars 5 is a less expensive version that does not sacrifice quality. The Mars 5 and Mars 5 Ultra are both intended to be simple to use, with smart functionality and convenient features. Users of all skill levels can start printing right away thanks to self-checking and automatic levelling features.

The Mars 5 and Mars 5 Ultra, which offer intuitive and user-friendly features, are now available for prices starting at US$179 and US$269, respectively.

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