TRUMPF qualifies Equispheres’ Aluminium powders for its TruPrint 3000 series

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TRUMPF's TruPrint 3000 series of metal 3D printer
Above: TruPrint 3000 metal 3D printer/Source: TRUMPF

TRUMPF, a global high-technology company, announced that it has qualified AlSi10Mg powders developed by Equispheres, a Canadian metal 3D printing powder supplier. TRUMPF’s TruPrint 3000 series of 3D printing systems are compatible with the aluminium material. The qualification process demonstrated that Equispheres’ advanced aluminium materials could achieve up to a 33% faster build rate on the TruPrint system than standard aluminium powder.

TRUMPF will make available two parameter sets for Equispheres materials. The basic parameter set achieves a 13% increase in throughput over TRUMPF’s standard parameters. There will also be a “productivity” parameter set that allows for a 33% faster build rate while maintaining comparable tensile properties.

TRUMPF’s qualification testing was carried out at 60-micron layers, with build rates of 164 cm3/h achieved on a dual-laser system. In addition, the company plans to release parameters for using Equispheres aluminium powders on its other 3D printing systems.

TRUMPF’s TruPrint 3000 series produces parts with diameters up to 300 millimetres and heights up to 400 millimetres using powder-bed-based laser melting. Two 500-watt lasers scan the machine’s entire build chamber in parallel in the dual-laser configuration.

Equispheres Powders

Equispheres unique aluminum powders particles magnified to 100μm
Above: Equispheres unique aluminum alloy powder particles magnified to 100μm/Source: Equispheres

Equispheres’ patent-pending atomization technique yields near-perfect powder. It has a smoother surface and a thinner oxide layer, as well as uniform size, sphericity, and a consistent microstructure resulting in the printed parts having superior mechanical properties. The most exciting benefit of Equispheres powder is its ability to significantly reduce production costs.

Equispheres’ novel atomization process is also highly controlled, resulting in a very fine microstructure with uniform particle sizes.

This year, the company launched commercial-scale reactors, increasing production capacity to meet rising market demand.

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