TRUMPF to showcase TruPrint 1000 – its fastest new Dental 3D Printer at the IDS

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  • TruPrint 1000 produces metal dental prostheses eight times faster than competitors
TRUMPF machine operator with dental plate
TRUMPF machine operator with dental plate/Source: TRUMPF

TRUMPF, the German industrial machine manufacturing company, will be exhibiting their new TruPrint 1000 at the world’s leading dental trade show, IDS. TRUMPF claims that this is the world’s fastest dental 3D printer. The TruPrint 1000 produces at a faster rate and with higher quality.

“3D printing is the ideal manufacturing method for the dental industry. Dental prostheses are always custom-made. At the same time, companies must produce large quantities of them. This is where our 3D printers come into their own.”

– Reinhard Sroka, an expert in metal 3D printing of dental prostheses at TRUMPF

TruPrint 1000 Dental 3D Printer

TRUMPF manufacturing dental prostheses using TruPrint 1000 Dental 3D Printer
TRUMPF manufacturing dental prostheses/Source: TRUMPF

The machine is approximately eight times faster than conventional processes such as milling in the dual-laser version. The high-tech firm is the European market leader in 3D printers for the dental industry. In addition to Germany, France, Italy, and Spain are important sales markets.

The TruPrint 1000 outperforms traditional methods for producing metallic dentures, especially in the preform version. A preform is a standardised, conventionally manufactured substructure onto which a 3D printer prints a custom mould made of a chrome-cobalt alloy or titanium. This, for example, creates abutments, which later support the dental crowns.

Sroka added, “Only TRUMPF offers this technology. With Preform, 3D printing will replace conventional manufacturing in the dental industry in the long term.”

Mass production with 3D printing

The TruPrint 1000 is ideal for dental labs due to its compact design. The machine takes up very little space and is only about 80 centimetres wide, making it easy to deliver and set up through the door. Users can also have several units producing in parallel in small laboratories to speed up production even more. The construction plates used to make the dental prosthesis change automatically up to four times. This allows metal dentures to be made in a matter of hours.

The TruPrint 2000 is one size larger than the TruPrint 1000 and is intended for mass production of so-called RPDs (“removable partial dentures”). These are removable partial dentures that the patient can insert and remove on their own. The TruPrint 2000 can print up to 100 RPDs in 24 hours using an optimised process. This rapidity reduces manufacturing costs.

Sroka mentioned, “This is important because dental labs need to sell these partial dentures primarily on a low price.”

The laser of the TruPrint 2000 ensures very high surface quality and attention to detail thanks to its small beam diameter of only 55 m. As a result, the surface of the RPDs feels very smooth, and dental labs save time on manual finishing.

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