UK’s Digital Manufacturing Centre Integrates AMFG MES Software to Manage AM Production Activities

Digital Manufacturing Centre
Additive MES Software
Above: AMFG develops and delivers workflow automation software for additive manufacturing/Image Credit: AMFG

AMFG, the leading provider of workflow and MES software for additive manufacturing, announced that its Manufacturing Execution System for Additive Manufacturing will power the soon-to-open Digital Manufacturing Centre (DMC), a metal and polymer additive manufacturing (AM) production facility, in Silverstone, UK.

The AMFG MES software will support AM production at the DMC by enabling full process control and traceability of 3D printing jobs and parts.

The Digital Manufacturing Centre will open in the first quarter of 2021 to give local companies access to digital manufacturing capabilities and expert knowledge. The DMC will have a full range of AM capability, including design, engineering, manufacturing, inspection and post-processing, making the DMC a one-stop shop for AM services and expertise.

AMFG MES Software

MES Software
Above: AMFG production management interface/Image Source: AMFG

AMFG provides an industry leading MES software for additive manufacturing. It is the only software platform that offers users a complete, end-to-end workflow automation solution for their AM operations. From managing requests to taking full control of the production planning, AMFG provides the tools to begin the customers AM journey and unlock the full potential of additive manufacturing.

It offers a customisable workflow and automation solutions through a modular software platform to fit the needs of every organisation.

AMFG MES software seamlessly integrates with the existing ERP, PLM and CAD software, helping customers create a fully integrated additive manufacturing platform.

AMFG & Digital Manufacturing Centre Collaboration

Digital Manufacturing Centre
Above: DMC & AMFG production overview/Image Source: AMFG

To take full advantage of digital manufacturing, the Digital Manufacturing Centre will integrate a full suite of AMFG’s MES software solutions that will help its team organise, monitor and execute AM production activities.

AMFG’s order and production management tools will enable the DMC engineers to keep track and prioritise job orders, prepare builds and schedule production, as well as monitor job statuses in real-time.

The partnership will result in the Digital Manufacturing Centre becoming a development consultant, contributing to the innovation roadmap of the AMFG system, for bespoke DMC requirements and the wider additive manufacturing community, in its pursuit of industry 4.0.

Commenting on the integration of the AMFG MES software, Kieron Salter, CEO of the Digital Manufacturing Centre, said, “The 2,000 square meter DMC facility will be full of engineers and machines providing complex and innovative solutions for the most advanced industrial customers. Integrating AMFG’s MES software will be instrumental in helping us establish a true digital manufacturing workflow to deliver on our goals.”

His counterpart, Keyvan Karimi, CEO of AMFG said, “Digital manufacturing is burgeoning in the UK, and the launch of the DMC is yet another positive sign of this trend. Our goal is to support this trend with MES software, designed to digitise and streamline AM operations from end to end. We’re proud that the DMC facility will integrate the AMFG software and we look forward to driving the future of digital manufacturing together.”

Furthermore, AMFG will enable the Digital Manufacturing Centre engineers to track KPIs related to Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) and use data analytics tools to identify any bottlenecks and optimise processes.

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