UltiMaker introduces new ASA and Carbon Fiber Materials for Method XL

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  • Latest updates in the Cura 5.7 beta release allow the Method X and Method XL 3D printers to access all the workflow benefits that Cura and Digital Factory provide.
Enhanced features and improved user experience for Method XL
Enhanced features and improved user experience for Method XL/Source: UltiMaker

UltiMaker, a desktop 3D printing industry leader, announced significant updates to its Method XL 3D printers in its latest firmware 2.3 release. UltiMaker has released enhanced features, improved its user experience and introduced new ASA, SR-30, and Carbon Fiber Materials for Method XL.

Method XL’s notification system and user interface have also been greatly improved, including faster response times and smoother navigation, to provide a better user experience from beginning to end.

Enhanced features and Materials for Method XL

In addition to the most recent firmware updates for Method XL, UltiMaker has released the Cura 5.7 beta. Cura 5.7 beta now includes Universal Cura Projects, a new method for sharing both models and print settings. These printer-agnostic project files enable you to selectively share print settings that are common to almost all printers.

In Cura 5.7, both Method X and Method XL now fully support cloud printing via UltiMaker Digital Factory. Users can now slice a file using Cura and send it directly to the printer via the cloud, or they can send it to Digital Factory for additional features such as file storage and organisation, print job monitoring, print management, and more.

“With this release, we have doubled the material offering, enhanced the system performance and improved the user experience of the Method XL. We are committed to continually improving the Method XL product and making it the premier choice for Engineering Applications.”

– Michael Mignatti, VP, Central Development, at UltiMaker
UltiMaker introduces new materials for Method XL
UltiMaker introduces new materials for Method XL/Source: UltiMaker

The addition of these new materials to Method XL, which are only available through Cura and Method XL new print profiles, expands the printer’s ability to support a broader range of industrial applications. Nylon 12 Carbon Fibre is a high-performance engineering-grade material with excellent tensile strength, impact resistance, and heat deflection capabilities. This distinct set of properties makes it ideal for functional prototypes, end-use parts, and any application requiring high performance. Furthermore, Nylon 12 Carbon Fibre has a high stiffness-to-weight ratio, making it a viable alternative to traditional tooling materials such as aluminium in jigs, fixtures, tooling, and end effectors.

ASA is a versatile, weather-resistant alternative to ABS that is commonly used for functional prototypes and finished parts in outdoor environments. ASA has a high UV and chemical resistance, allowing it to retain its gloss, colour, and mechanical properties better in outdoor environments. Because of its UV resistance, heat resistance, and chemical similarity to ABS, the material has found widespread use in a variety of industries, including automotive.

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