Ultimaker Introduces Redesigned Digital Factory – Its Printer Management Software

Ultimaker Digital Factory
Above: Ultimaker Digital Factory print queue interface/Image Credit: Ultimaker Inc.

Ultimaker, one of the world’s leading desktop FDM 3D printer manufacturers, has introduced the overhauled version of its cloud-based printer management solution, called Ultimaker Digital Factory. Ultimaker now offers several new and enhanced features to help maximize 3D printing efficiency at scale. It provides cloud-based tools for remote management of Ultimaker 3D printers and teams.

The users will see several new features in the redesigned Ultimaker Digital Factory. The changes are as mentioned below:

  • The process to connect a new printer to Ultimaker Digital Factory is simpler than before,
  • Ultimaker Connect and Ultimaker Cloud are now rebranded with the new name, and
  • What were previously local area network-only features are now also available in the cloud, so users can control 3D printing workflow remotely.


The heart of the Ultimaker Digital Factory is the 3D printer management system. The Ultimaker Digital Factory is a 3D printed management software by Ultimaker to better manage multiple printers. It is a perfect solution for service bureaus or companies operating print farms.

It offers several features like grouping multiple 3D printers, managing print production and also provides 3D print analytics.

Ultimaker Digital Factory
Above: Entering a code to connect a printer to the Ultimaker Digital Factory/Image Credit: Ultimaker Inc.


Ultimaker introduced some new features as below:

Improved print queue: Queued print jobs can be controlled on the fly. Users can also rename or disable a printer remotely, or identify it, triggering the frame light to flash.

Update firmware remotely: For future firmware releases, users will be able to push these to printers from a desktop or device

Improved printer connection workflow: Printers can now be connected in a few steps

Ultimaker aims to regularly roll out new features that may be completely new or developed on the basis of user feedback.

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