Uniformity Launches UniFuse AlSi10Mg Aluminium Powder for L-PBF Technology

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Automotive cam tray made from UniFuse™ AlSi10Mg Aluminium Powder
Automotive cam tray made from UniFuse™ AlSi10Mg Aluminium Powder/Source: Uniformity Labs

Uniformity Labs (Uniformity), a material engineering company, announced the availability of its UniFuse AlSi10Mg Aluminium powder as well as optimised parameters for L-PBF printing at 50um and 90um layer thickness. This comes on the heels of the previously announced release of UniFuse AlSi10Mg and optimised parameters for printing at 30um layer thickness.

This announcement comes on the heels of the recent availability of a variety of steel, aluminium, and titanium powders under the brand UniFuse for L-PBF and UniJet for binder jetting, with many more on the way.

Uniformity Labs’ UniFuse AlSi10Mg Aluminium Powder

UniFuse AlSi10Mg powder and processing parameters are optimised at each layer thickness for best-in-class material properties and repeatability while printing at the highest throughput across L-PBF platforms. UniFuse AlSi10Mg powder and optimised print processes were used to create parts across various L-PBF platforms at much faster speeds and with better properties than comparable competitor materials.

Uniformity Labs has developed High-Performance Scanning parameters for printing UniFuse AlSi10Mg at 50um and 90um layer thickness in platforms with lasers with maximum power ranging from 400W to 700W. Uniformity materials and High-Performance Scanning deliver superior properties at a build rate that is approximately 75% faster than competitors’ same layer thickness scan strategies. This increase in throughput is typical of UniFuse AlSi10Mg builds.

Uniformity powders deliver improved mechanical properties and consistent performance across the build bed, even when printing at thicker layers with high laser powers, thanks to higher bed and tap densities and particle size distributions optimised for uniform, repeatable printing at the highest throughput.

“With UniFuse AlSi10Mg we’re able to deliver best-in-class mechanical properties, surface finish, printing yield, and part reliability with substantially increased throughput printing at 50um and 90um layer thickness, and when using higher power lasers. This is significant for advancing AM as a viable pillar for industrial manufacturing and shows that our technology and process deliver on the promise of no compromise additive manufacturing.”

– Adam Hopkins, Founder and CEO, Uniformity Labs

With the development and production of its highly advanced ultra-low porosity metal powder feedstock, Uniformity Labs is addressing the industry challenge of achieving serial production in AM. Uniformity Labs’ High-Performance Scanning strategies, which are currently in production under the product brands UniFuse (for L-PBF) and UniJet (for binder jetting), have dramatically improved the ability to produce high-quality parts repeatedly and at scale, allowing additive manufacturing to become an increasingly well-established serial production tool.

Datasheets and use cases can be found here.

* UniFuse™ and UniJet™ are trademarks of Uniformity Labs

About Uniformity Labs: Uniformity Labs creates ground-breaking material and software solutions to help accelerate and expand the global commercial/industrial 3D printing (AM) markets. Its patented technology enables fully dense printing while minimising binder jetting material shrinkage, resulting in significant cost savings, speed, and quality improvements across all mainstream AM printers. Uniformity’s feedstock materials and print processes have a significant impact on the AM value chain by improving printing reliability and efficiency.

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