US Navy Awards AML3D 3D Print Submarine Part

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US Navy Awards AML3D 3D Print Submarine Part
US Navy Awards AML3D 3D Print Submarine Part

AML3D, a provider of metal additive manufacturing services, has announced that it has been awarded a $2 million contract to produce 3D print submarine part for the United States Navy. The agreement was reached with BlueForge Alliance, a nonprofit, neutral integrator that promotes the growth of the US Navy’s submarine industrial base and the advancement of sophisticated manufacturing technologies.

To continue its work characterizing and strength testing Nickel-Aluminum-Bronze (NAB) alloy material, AML3D stated the day before the recent news of 3D print submarine part that it had been given a contract extension worth more than USD 250,000.

As stated by AML3D, the deal for 3D print submarine part will kick off in September and last nine months. 3D print submarine part production contract likely serves to test the AML3D platform’s capability for distributed manufacturing, as the company has sold two of its ARCEMY X-Edition 6700 platforms to the DoD this year; one is at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), and the other will be installed at the US Navy AM Centre of Excellence (CoE) in Danville, Virginia, in early 2024.

About the 3D Print Submarine Part Contract

According to AML3D, the manufacturing contract will enable the business to make complicated components of a high quality, exceeding the material strength attributes of similar cast parts. Sean Ebert, Interim Chief Executive Officer of AML3D, stated that the NSC components manufacturing contract indicates the rising momentum in the company’s scale-up plan in the United States. This strategy is driving the growth of the firm and providing wealth for our shareholders in the short term, in the long term, and beyond.

US Navy Awards AML3D 3D Print Submarine Part
US Navy Awards AML3D 3D Print Submarine Part / Source: Workboat

According to Ebert, the delivery of these components proved the significant role that AML3D’s technology played during a period of increased interest in advanced manufacturing to assist in meeting demand pushed by the AUKUS coalition. “AML3D’s primary focus is on the defense, aviation, and maritime sectors of the United States, and the company is in an excellent position to take advantage of the numerous opportunities that will be made available as a direct result of the AUKUS Alliance in all three of these regions.”

It is important to note that the global oil giant Chevron has ownership holdings in all three terminals. This is significant in this context since Chevron placed an order with AML3D for subsea pipeline fittings in November 2022 who is now producing 3D print submarine part. The disproportionate dependency of the whole global economy on the production of such a sparsely populated nation underlines how much value will accrue to any potential labor-saving measures in the Australian energy industry regardless of whether or not the strikes happen.

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About AML3D Company

AML3D is an automated 3D printing system that utilizes a freeform environment by combining in-depth knowledge of state-of-the-art welding science, robotics automation, materials engineering, and proprietary software. Our proprietary Wire Additive Manufacturing (WAM) technique makes it possible to quickly and affordably produce components and structures with greater strength than conventional casting, forging, and billet machining processes. Recently it own its contract with US navy for 3D print submarine part .

The Adelaide-based manufacturing service bureau AML3D Limited has upgraded further thanks to the company’s distinctive skills, successes, and ongoing collaborations with universities and scientific institutions, including Flinders University, Deakin University, RMIT, and CSIRO. In the Southern Hemisphere, this plant can only produce finished parts and components to a recognized quality using an approved Quality Management System and a wide variety of metals.

The Entrepreneur’s Program partially sponsored and funded the technology demonstration pilot operation, equipment, and software. Within this time frame, AML has become the first wire-feedstock Additive Manufacturing Facility in the world to be accredited by Lloyd’s Register (Singapore), as well as completing several pilot trials that led to additional software development, knowledge, and improvement of process procedures. By March 2019, it had been concluded.

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