Velo3D commences the 2022 Seeing is Believing AM Tour in 15 U.S. Cities

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Velo3D Founder & CEO Benny Buller
Above: Velo3D Founder & CEO Benny Buller/Image Source: Velo3D

Velo3D, Inc., a leading metal additive manufacturing technology company for mission-critical parts, has commenced its Seeing is Believing AM Tour for 2022, scheduled to visit 15 U.S. cities. This roadshow aims to educate engineers, technology influencers, and key decision makers from across the U.S.. Velo3D experts will also highlight how its end-to-end solution can help them transform their businesses.

The roadshow series was first tested in five U.S. cities in 2021, with hundreds of people attending each event. On January 20, 2022, the first show in 2022 was held in Wester Chester, Ohio.

Seeing is Believing AM Tour 2022

Velo3D Seeing is Believing AM Tour 2022
Above: Seeing is Believing AM Tour 2022/Image Source: Velo3D/Twitter

“When we talk to engineers who are interested in 3D printing technology, that interest is often accompanied by a bit of scepticism attributable to the shortcoming of conventional solutions. These events are directly aimed at helping engineers see what’s truly possible with end-to-end additive manufacturing solutions. At the event, we will introduce attendees to customers currently using additive manufacturing to build the parts they want without compromise. Attendees also get to see and handle real, as-printed parts that leverage the highest performance designs.”

– Renette Youssef, Velo3D Chief Marketing Officer

According to Luke Montesano, Project Engineer and Laboratory Manager at Mohawk Innovative Technology, Inc., “Our organization is utilizing additive manufacturing to build next-generation energy solutions and have been impressed by Velo3D’s technology. I’m invested in myself, which is why I’m invested in Velo3D, as their end-to-end additive manufacturing solution helps our engineering team build the parts they need without compromising the designs. Having attended their roadshow events, I can tell you it’s a great way to explore different use-cases for additive manufacturing technology.”

Presentations will be given by Velo3D leadership team members, contract manufacturers, and customers during the one-day events. The capabilities of additive manufacturing technology will be discussed, as well as the end-to-end process, which includes pre-print preparation, printing, quality assurance, and post processing; material and part qualification; and real-world case studies.

The Seeing is Believing AM Tour has been scheduled to visit the below cities.

  • Long Beach, California—Feb. 23
  • Detroit, Michigan—March 23
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania—April 19
  • Boston, Massachusetts—May 26

The tour will also visit Fremont, Calif.; Princeton, N.J.; St. Louis; Washington, D.C.; Salt Lake City; Huntsville, Ala.; Seattle; San Diego; Charlotte, N.C.; and Chicago.

Engineers interested in attending one of the shows on the tour can visit the official website or request a ticket via email.

Why You Should Attend?

Microturbine 3D printed in Velo3D (Sapphire®) system
Above: Microturbine 3D printed in Velo3D (Sapphire®) system/Image Source: Velo3D

The Seeing is Believing AM Tour will help attendees understand the capabilities of Velo3D.

Velo3D offers a complete end-to-end solution from software to hardware to complete product support. It gives designers and engineers an unparalleled freedom to create unique objects previously deemed impossible.

Over the years, Velo3D has developed itself to be a reliable systems manufacturer for mission critical components including applications like microturbines, high pressure tanks, turbopumps, heat exchangers and other performance oriented products.

Their application experts mentor, and assist, our customers through the entire Velo3D AM manufacturing process helping you get the complex part you need printed.

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