Velo3D Launches Sapphire System, a new End-to-End Metal Additive Manufacturing Solution

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Velo3D, a Silicon Valley-based end-to-end solution provider for metal additive manufacturing, announced the launch of its AM solution comprised of the patented technologies like Sapphire™ system, Flow™ print preparation software, and Intelligent Fusion™ technology.

Velo3D, one of the most highly funded Startups in Silicon Valley, unveiled its product after four years of rigorous research and development.

Metal Additive Manufacturing

Above: Velo3D CEO Benny Buller/Image Credit: Velo3D

Benny Buller, CEO of Velo3D Inc., said, “We held off on talking about what Velo3D was working on because he wanted to have a product that customers were using.”

The company has developed the metal additive manufacturing technology which solves some of the most challenging problems of AM systems like part-to-part consistency, process control, product design limitations and cost-effective manufacturing.

On speaking about the new metal additive manufacturing system by Velo3D, Ashley Nichols, general manager at 3D Material Technologies (3DMT), a leading metal additive manufacturing services bureau, said, “Additive manufacturing has the potential to be revolutionary. Systems are getting bigger, but not delivering on the promises of metal additive manufacturing. Through a collaborative partnership, 3DMT and Velo3D are unlocking new applications, pushing the envelope of what is currently considered possible. We look forward to continued success, and to deliver on the promises of the potential of metal additive manufacturing.”

Sapphire™ System

Metal Additive Manufacturing

Above: Velo3D metal additive manufacturing Sapphire™ system/Image Credit: Velo3D

Velo3D’s Sapphire™ system is a laser powder-bed metal additive manufacturing (3D printing) system developed for addressing the high-volume manufacturing needs. This system is capable of building complex geometries including designs with overhangs that are less than five degrees and large inner diameters without supports – something previously unheard of in the AM industry.

To deliver superior part-to-part consistency, Sapphire’s integrated in-situ process metrology enables first-of-its-kind closed loop melt pool control. To maximize productivity, the Sapphire system contains a module that enables automated change-over with offline unpacking.

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Flow™ Print Preparation Software

The Flow™ print preparation software addresses the challenges like support generation, process selection, slicing and simulation of complex part designs to validate the printing feasibility.

Metal Additive Manufacturing

Above: Stator Ring and Impeller 3D printed in Velo3D Sapphire system/Image Credit: Velo3D

It has a unique deformation correction technology which enables the user to produce parts successfully the first time, eliminating the need for iterations. Practically, it has achieved an enviable first print success rate of up to 90 percent. The software also minimises the need for supports without affecting the product printability and surface properties. By removing the unnecessary supports, it reduces the typical support volume by 3-5 times, and this, in turn, reflects on the elimination or reduction of laborious post-processing necessary with conventional approaches.

The combination of the Velo3D Sapphire metal additive manufacturing system and Flow print preparation software dramatically reduces the time and effort required, from design to final part. Velo3D will be happy to work with you to determine the ways additive manufacturing, done with Velo3D technology, can help you.

Intelligent Fusion™ Technology

By promising a truly end-to-end solution, the Intelligent Fusion™ technology powers the Sapphire™ system and Flow™ software. Intelligent Fusion optimizes the metal additive manufacturing process by combining thermal process simulation, print prediction, and closed-loop control during print execution.

Metal Additive Manufacturing

Above: Radial Heat Exchanger 3D printed in Velo3D Sapphire system/Image Credit: Velo3D

Speaking about the journey of Velo3D, Founder and CEO Benny Buller said, “Four years ago, we set out with the bold vision of creating technology that could manufacture parts with any geometry to take (metal) additive manufacturing mainstream. Our approach relies on creating deep insights in physics fundamentals, enabled by research, characterizing and understanding of core mechanisms, developing intelligent process control through software simulation and in-situ metrology. Today, Velo3D is working with some of the top OEMs and service bureaus creating parts that were once considered impossible.”

A major factor in enabling sophisticated real-time process control, and Intelligent Fusion in general, is Velo3D’s development of proprietary controller hardware and software, giving the company the ability to control and coordinate every aspect of the build execution. This level of control is key to consistent outcomes and reduced variability.

Velo3D systems are currently used by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and manufacturing service providers.

About Velo3D

Velo3D solutions accelerate innovation by enabling system developers to design the most imaginative parts, and manufacture cost-effective solutions, eliminating the constraints of traditional manufacturing technologies.

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