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Wematter and Graphmatech to develop Conductive Material for SLS 3D Printing

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Wematter and Graphmatech to develop Conductive Material for SLS 3D Printing
Above: Wematter partners with Graphmatech/Source: Wematter

Wematter, a Swedish 3D printer manufacturer, is collaborating with Graphmatech, a graphene manufacturer, to develop conductive material for SLS 3D printing. This new powder will be compatible with Wematter’s Gravity SLS 3D printing technology. Graphmatech is well-known for enhancing polymers with graphene, which makes polymers electrically and thermally conductive, reduces gas permeability, improves flame retardancy, and other benefits.

Conductive Material for SLS 3D Printing

Graphene allows for cutting-edge material development in additive manufacturing. This could be the first time a powder-based technology such as SLS is combined with graphene-embedded polyamide 11.

Aerospace and automotive manufacturers will be able to print parts with lower weight and increased or maintained strength thanks to the high-performance powder.

“With this new strategic partnership, Wematter and Graphmatech will be able to offer customers in the Aerospace and Automotive industries a competitive advantage.”

– Robert Kniola CEO & Co-Founder at Wematter

He added, “We see a great potential in working with Graphmatech because they have a proven capability of developing ingenious polymer powders for SLS 3D printing.” 

According to Dr. Mamoun Taher, CEO & Founder of Graphmatech, “The new polymer powder will meet the needs of some of the most demanding customers in the Aerospace and Automotive industries. Gravity by Wematter is the perfect SLS 3D printer for this powder. Partly because it is surprisingly easy to use, but even more importantly, Gravity is perhaps the only SLS 3D printer that will be able to sinter such high-performance polymer powders.”

About Graphmatech: Graphmatech has the expertise and technology to create polymer-graphene formulations through traditional compounding methods. Demand for scarce raw materials is increasing as Graphmatech transitions to a more sustainable world.

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