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Wematter presents new Entry-level Gravity Essential SLS 3D Printer System

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Gravity Essential SLS 3D printer system
Gravity Essential SLS 3D printer system/Source: Wematter

Wematter, a Swedish 3D printer manufacturer best known for its industrial SLS solutions, has announced the release of an entry-level model of its SLS Gravity 3D printer, starting at 59,000 euros. The Gravity Essential model is 63% less expensive than the company’s enterprise models.

When comparing prices, keep in mind that all Gravity versions are complete systems, the cleanest on the market. When filling, emptying, and cleaning prints, no comparable SLS 3D printer keeps people and surroundings powder-free.

Gravity Essential SLS 3D printer system

The Gravity Essential SLS 3D printer system is ideal for a company purchasing its first SLS 3D printer. The low cost includes everything you need to get started. The system has a significantly higher print volume than other entry-level models, and it is simple to use. The system is made up of the following parts:

  • The SLS 3D printer Gravity – Essential version. The same printer as Enterprise.
  • The Density powder cleaning station that uses high-pressure water to clean.
  • Material recycling with an inertia powder collection unit.
  • Deep Space software that allows for remote system control. The advanced software also makes the entire system easy to use and practical.

Upgradable SLS 3D printer

Gravity Essential and Essential+ can be easily upgraded to Gravity Enterprise, which has a larger build volume, compressed air option for the Density cleaning station, a larger material selection, an inert atmosphere, a higher degree of compaction, higher powder recyclability, and a print volume of 300x300x300 mm, or 27 litres. It is simple and quick to upgrade from Essential or Essential+ to Enterprise. A software update is carried out remotely, and Density is outfitted with compressed air.

The Essential model is 150 mm shorter than the Enterprise model and thus has a volume of 13.5 litres, which is still more than double what the closest competitors can offer. The fact that such a large print volume can fit into such a compact printer as Gravity is unique, and is due to the printer being designed primarily for use in an office environment. It is easily lifted with a simple pallet loader and fits through a standard indoor door.

The Gravity SLS 3D printer system is CE marked and approved for use in commercial settings. There is no need for three-phase power, separate ventilation, or special connections. All that is required is a couple of simple power cables to a 220 V socket and an ethernet cable.

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