Xerox sells 3D printing business to ADDiTEC

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Xerox sells 3D printing business to ADDiTEC
Xerox sells 3D printing business to ADDiTEC/ Source: Thomasnet

Xerox has sold its Elem Additive Solutions 3D printing business to a company in the United States. In 2019, Elem Additive was founded when startup Vader Systems was acquired.

Xerox is getting rid of a money-losing 3D printing business by selling it off. CEO Steve Bandrowczak believes that ADDiTEC is an excellent strategic match for Elem Additive.

When it came to 3D printing business, metal was where Elem Additive excelled. ElemX, the company’s flagship metal printer, was marketed as a safe and user-friendly option for aerospace, defense, and industrial uses. The United States Navy and the Rochester Institute of Technology are partners.

ADDiTEC CEO Brian Matthews commented, “We are pleased that Elem Additive will be a part of ADDiTEC in the future.” Matthews maintains that the technology serves as a great addition to the portfolio. ADDiTEC has assured its current clientele that it will maintain service.

Xerox is restructuring, and the sale of 3D printing business is a part of that process. The business has already divested its research facilities, including PARC and the Xerox Research Center in Canada. After several challenging years, Xerox now wants to return its attention to its core business.

About 3D printing business Elem Additive Solutions 

After Xerox acquired metal 3D printing business Vader Systems in 2019, Elem Additive Solutions was founded approximately four years ago. Elem Additive Solutions, a division of Xerox, quickly followed with the unveiling of the ElemX Liquid Metal 3D Printer. Xerox claims that the ElemX was created to solve supply chain resilience in transportation, aircraft, defense, and industrial production by providing a safer and easier metal 3D printing solution.

Xerox sells 3D printing business to ADDiTEC
Xerox sells 3D printing business to ADDiTEC/ Source: Webwrire

A strategic partnership between Xerox and the US Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) was announced in 2021. This research partnership was established to inquire into the possibility of 3D printing revolutionizing the way the US military provides for its forward-deployed soldiers. The NPS agreed to have a Xerox ElemX metal 3D printer installed in its school.

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After a year of working together, the US Navy revealed that the Wasp-class amphibious assault ship USS Essex was outfitted with ElemX. The USS Essex hosted this “first-of-its-kind installation” to determine whether or not the metal 3D printer would be useful for military purposes.

Having this printer on board will significantly boost our ability to fight and win battles. Lt. Cmdr. Nicolas Batista, officer of the Essex’s Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Department (AIMD), spoke on how the ship might benefit from having a 3D printer.

The recent purchase of Elem Additive Solutions by ADDiTEC indicates a broader trend of mergers and acquisitions in the modern additive manufacturing sector or 3D printing business.

The story of the proposed merger between 3D Systems and Stratasys continues, apparently without end. Dr. Jeffrey Graves, President and CEO of 3D Systems, has lately voiced his displeasure that the purchase has not yet been concluded, after the release of financial figures for Q2 2023 by both companies.

Since the merger agreement was handed to Stratasys on July 13 and signed in escrow, the parties have had plenty of time to work out the kinks before making an official announcement. Dr. Graves stated, “We remain committed to pursuing this powerful combination for the benefit of our collective shareholders.” However, the merger cannot be completed without Stratasys’s same dedication.

About Xerox: Founded in Connecticut, Xerox is a classic American corporation. In 1906, Xerox began as The Haloid Photographic Company. In the 1960s, Xerox made its name in the business world by creating the first widely used photocopiers. As a result, the firm greatly improved conventional workplace practices. Xerox is a major player in the global printing and document management markets. Due to digitization, however, Xerox has suffered significant losses in this sector in recent years.

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