Xiaomi launches New Print-and-Cure 3D Printer in the American market

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Xiaomi launches New Print-and-Cure 3D Printer in the American market

Xiaomi Enters AM with Print-and-Cure 3D Printer/ Source: Sundries

The Mijia Print-and-Cure 3D Printer marks Xiaomi’s debut in the competitive 3D printing market. The LCD-based DLP system is novel in that it integrates printing and curing into a single device and is reasonably priced. Xiaomi’s entry into AM might usher in a period of profound change for reasonably priced 3D printing.

Xiaomi Youpin, the company’s own crowdfunding site, is offering the Print-and-Cure 3D Printer at a discounted price of 1699 yuan ($237). The regular retail price is 1999 yuan ($279). The product is scheduled to be on sale in China on August 10 and is made to work with the Mijia app so that the printing process can be managed and monitored from a distance.

All new New Print-and-Cure 3D Printer

The Mijia Print-and-Cure 3D Printer distinguishes out from the competition thanks to its unique design that combines printing and curing functions into a single piece of hardware. After the prints have been cured, the components are first produced with the help of the system’s proprietary LCD screen and then cured with the assistance of the same light engine.

Xiaomi launches New Print-and-Cure 3D Printer in the American market

New printer by Xiaomi/ Source: Gizmoccha

The build volume of the Print-and-Cure 3D Printer is relatively small, measuring 118 x 65 x 160 millimetres (4.65 x 2.56 x 6.30 inches). In addition, the Print-and-Cure 3D Printer is one of a kind since it features automated resin loading and recovery, a feature that is not even accessible with higher quality DLP machines. Other capabilities include a built-in library of printable models and printing parameters that are automatically generated and modified to the design of the CAD file.

Since the open-source revolution over the previous decade, the market for desktop 3D printing has already been upset numerous times. First, industry leaders such as Formlabs brought the cost of vat photopolymerization down to a level that was less than $5,000. After that, a number of Chinese businesses were successful in bringing this cost down to less than $500 and even to $200.

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Recently, the polymer extrusion market has been massively rattled by the arrival of the Bambu Lab printers, which are extremely quick and dependable. This occurred under the direction of formerly employed individuals at DJI, who had previously dominated the market for consumer drones. Bambu Lab was the catalyst that caused a number of other brands to follow suit, to the point where it is possible that the desktop market will never be able to revert to the slower and more finicky material extrusion machines of the past.

With yearly revenue of over $40 billion, Xiaomi Corporation is currently only surpassed in size by Huawei in terms of the world’s most successful smartphone makers. To put it another way, it possesses the weight necessary to single-handedly dominate virtually any technological sector it enters.

In light of what Bambu is doing with regard to the extrusion of material, the present moment would be an excellent opportunity for a business such as Xiaomi to do the same thing with regard to DLP printers like Print-and-Cure 3D Printer. It is possible that it will be able to do so if it incorporates characteristics such as built-in curing as well as autonomous material loading and recovery. That is, provided that the printer can meet expectations in terms of speed, ease of use, and dependability.

It is significant that Xiaomi is entering the field at all when there are a large number of smaller competitors already present in the market with the Print-and-Cure 3D Printer. This is true regardless of whether or not the firm is successful in doing so. It is possible that the Mijia will only be successful in the short run as an experiment due to the fact that it is aimed at customers.

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