XJet delivers Carmel 1400M Metal AM System to Azoth

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Azoth team with their new XJet Carmel 1400M AM System
Above: Scott Burk, Azoth CEO (Front center) and Cody Cochran, Azoth General Manager and Co-Founder (Second from right, top row) and the Azoth team with their new XJet Carmel 1400M AM System/Image Source: XJet

XJet Ltd., provider of industry-leading high-definition 3D printing solutions, revealed that Azoth, developer of the TOMO® business model to transform physical inventory into digital inventory, has purchased its Carmel 1400M metal AM system – the metal and ceramic material jetting system.

Azoth also provides high-quality metal parts for serial production, prototyping, and machine spare parts, among other applications. It already has 3D printing, Desktop Metal, and reverse engineering solutions from industry leaders like HP.

“We have a huge wealth of experience in metal manufacturing – with both additive and subtractive processes. XJet’s metal system delivers capabilities that are in high demand in the market, but are not achievable with other technologies. Parts with fine features, high resolution, good surface finish right off the printer – at a level we have not seen before. The ease-of-use and safety working with the XJet system, that does not involve handling powders, is another important factor for us.”

– Scott Burk, CEO, Azoth

Azoth buys Carmel 1400M Metal AM System

NanoParticle Jetting™ (NPJ) Technology Carmel 1400 metal AM system
Above: XJet Carmel 1400 metal AM system/Image Credit: XJet

Azoth 3D is backed by the EWIE group of companies (EGC), which specialises in high-volume metal manufacturing for some of the world’s most well-known brands, such as Ford, Chrysler, John Deere, and Rolls Royce. When EGC leaders realised that additive manufacturing would eventually replace subtractive methods, they founded Azoth.

Scott Burk and Cody Cochran, Azoth’s General Manager and Co-Founder, were scouring the market for a way to meet the market’s demand for small, complex, high-definition parts, which they couldn’t produce with existing powder-bed fusion or binder jetting systems.

Scott Burk expressed, “My eureka moment came when we got some test parts through from XJet and I asked the team how they looked, and they responded that they were the best they’d ever seen. What we really liked were the small holes, very sharp corners, very refined surface finish without needing any post-processing”

“We have developed the only metal AM technology available today based on the concept of direct material jetting. After an amazing success with the XJet ceramic systems, we are now ready for the bigger dream, bringing to the market our metal solution. It gives me great pleasure to know that our first user of the metal AM system is Azoth, with so much experience in metal manufacturing and in metal AM. Getting the recognition from such a market leader for the quality of parts we can make has made the entire journey, and the long wait for this system, worthwhile.”

– Hanan Gothait, CEO, XJet

Azoth expects operational benefits from the XJet Carmel system in addition to part quality. “One of the main advantages of Azoth’s approach is going from prototype to production with the same process, which XJet technology is perfectly suited to support,” says Cochran. “With the same machine, we’ll be able to prototype parts from a variety of industries, such as automotive, medical, tooling, and so on, refine them into end-use components, and put them into production.” There’s no need for expensive extra tooling or long lead times.

About Azoth: Azoth is a vertically integrated additive manufacturing company driven by quality. Focused on innovation and technology, Azoth has developed the TOMO® business model to transform physical inventory into digital inventory that is printed on demand. 

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