Xtellar launches Bio-Based Flexible EVA Pellets for Large-Format 3D Printing

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  • Bio-based flexible EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) pellets offer sustainable, lightweight, flexible capabilities for large-format additive manufacturing.
Bio-based EVA materials debuted at RAPID + TCT 2023 in Xtellar’s first exhibition booth
Bio-based EVA materials debuted at RAPID + TCT 2023 in Xtellar’s first exhibition booth/Source: Xtellar

Xtellar, a market leader in 3D printing materials innovation formed by the merger of Braskem’s 3D materials division and Taulman3D, has launched an industry-first Bio-based flexible EVA Pellets for Large-Format 3D Printing. Xtellar’s bio-based EVA pellets, which were introduced at RAPID + TCT 2023 to a positive response, bring flexibility and sustainability to a variety of pellet-compatible large-format 3D printers.

EVA is a clear, hygroscopic, amorphous elastomeric material that is bio-based and derived from sustainable raw sugar cane feedstock in the Xtellar formulation.

Bio-Based Polymers

Xtellar’s bio-based polymers for 3D printing represent the next step in the evolution of sustainable additive manufacturing solutions.

These eco-friendly materials have a lower carbon footprint than traditional fossil fuel-based materials because they are derived from sustainable raw sugar cane feedstock sources. In terms of sustainability, quality, and functionality, Xtellar bio-based 3D printing pellets are unrivalled.

“Bringing a wider variety of sustainable material options to 3D printing is one of Xtellar’s core missions. In 2022, we launched the industry’s first bio-based polyethylene and flexible EVA 3D printing filaments, and this year we continue our mission by launching the first bio-based flexible EVA pellets specifically formulated for large-format 3D printing applications.”

– Jason Vagnozzi, CEO, Xtellar

Bio-Based Flexible EVA Pellets

Xtellar's Bio-based EVA materials displayed at Rapid+TCT 2023
Xtellar’s Bio-based EVA materials displayed at Rapid+TCT 2023/Source: Business Wire

The industry’s first sustainable flexible material derived from raw sugar cane is Xtellar bio-based EVA pellets. This formulation offers a more sustainable alternative to the market’s current flexible TPE and TPU materials. In pellet form, Xtellar’s eco-friendly formulation provides a unique combination of sustainability, flexibility, ductility, light weighting, and moisture resistance.

Vagnozzi added, “This material is an excellent sustainable alternative to many traditional TPU materials currently used for additive manufacturing and reaffirms our commitment to a more circular, carbon-neutral future. We couldn’t be more excited about this latest addition to our product portfolio and will continue to innovate more sustainable options to meet our clients’ growing needs for more sustainable 3D material alternatives.”

Key Test Specs

  • 89 Shore A
  • Lightweight: density of 0.94 g/cm3
  • 300% elongation in XY direction
  • 100% bio-based polymer made from raw sugar cane
  • Hydrophobic material: no drying is needed
  • -36C glass transition temperature (great for low-temperature climates)
  • Controllable opacity and stiffness with external cooling


  • Automotive, Marine, Aerospace, Consumer, Industrial
  • Sustainable alternative to existing TPUs and TPEs on the market
  • High toughness/durable applications

Compatible 3D Printers

  • Titan Robotics (3D Systems)
  • Caracol
  • Thermwood LSAM
  • Custom multi-access robotic arm systems

About Xtellar: In 2023, Xtellar was formed by the merger of the Braskem 3D materials division and Taulman3D, providing increased flexibility to accelerate additive manufacturing innovation through strategic partnerships and new growth channels. Its approach to developing 3D printing materials at Xtellar is based on sustainability, innovation, and collaboration.

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