YouTube’s 3D Printing Professor shatters Kickstarter expectations with Low Poly Dinos

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One of the problems with finding 3D printable models in an online repository is they’re not well curated. A new Kickstarter from YouTuber and 3D designer Joe Larson, the 3D Printing Professor, is looking to fix this problem.

This collection of 3D printable low polygon dinosaur models are specifically designed as a fun and whimsical playset that have been designed and tested by a trusted 3D printing authority to print easily on any home 3D printer at any scale. This crowdfunding campaign already smashed its goal threshold in less than two hours and is well past several stretch goals with nearly a month to go.

Each 3D dinosaur is modelled in a fun and attractive “low poly” style that are easy to print at nearly any scale. Supporters of the crowdfunding campaign will receive printable models for “Toothy” the Tyrannosaurus Rex, “Dippy” the Dipodocus, “Trixy” the Triceractops, “Gus” the Stegosaurus, a Spinosaurus, with at least one other on the way. With each stretch goal, supporters vote on the next bonus models to be added to the existing pledge levels.

Larson plans to use the funds raised during the campaign to release even more free 3D models in online repositories such as Thingiverse and Youmagine, as well as improve video production quality on his popular YouTube channel which recently achieved a following of 20,000 subscribers.


There are two tiers of rewards. The Triassic tier gets a limited set of 3D models of dinosaurs and accessories, as voted on by the community. The Jurassic tier receives every dinosaur and accessories models created in this Kickstarter. As the Kickstarter goes on, more dinosaurs will be added to both tiers.

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The success of this campaign will determine how many dinosaurs will be modelled. The more it raises, the larger the rewards will be. For your support you will not only receive the 3D dinosaur models developed in this campaign, but you will have a vote in what the next dinosaur will be as the campaign progresses.

Meet the Dinos

Above: Some of the Dinosaurs that are already in the park whereas some that may be modelled during the campaign

The Cause

This project is brought to you by the 3D Printing Professor and combines his passion for 3D design, drive for education, and excitement when interacting with my audience.

His YouTube channel is in need of a major infusion to stay up-to-date, which is what this Kickstarter is raising funds for. Funds raised in this campaign will go towards:

  • Upgraded AV equipment
  • Better lighting in current recording area
  • Upgrade to current recording area
  • Rebuilding recording area into a high tech mini recording studio
  • Taking it off the grid with solar power
  • Aperture panels for instant reconfiguration
  • Disco ball, etc.

Risks and challenges

This Kickstarter will deliver digital files created during the run of the Kickstarter. There will be minimal physical rewards to insure delivery.

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