Zortrax Launches a Flame-Retardant PPSU Filament with Railway Certification

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Zortrax Launches a Flame-Retardant PPSU Filament
Zortrax Launches a Flame-Retardant PPSU Filament

The Zortrax Endureal industrial 3D printer now works with BASF Ultrafuse® PPSU filament that has been tested and approved for use in the rail sector for resistance to fire. Because of its durability and reliability in high temperatures, as well as its resistance to fire and chemicals, PPSU is ideal for use in hydraulic and aircraft systems. This innovative polymer is the result of a long-term partnership between Endureal and BASF Forward AM, and it is the latest addition to Endureal’s extensive library of materials.

Materials compatible with the Zortrax Endureal industrial 3D printer come in many options. Metal powder filaments and high-performance polymers, such as the most demanding ones on the globe (PEEK, PEI, PAEK), are also included in the range alongside basic classics such as ABS or ULTRAT and technical materials such as BASF Ultrafuse PC/ABS FR. Flame-retardant filaments like Z-PEI 9085, BASF Ultrafuse® PC/ABS FR, and Nanovia PC/ABS V0 are all supported by Endureal. Adding a special BASF Ultrafuse® PPSU filament to this repertoire is exciting.

Manufacturing surface and subsurface rail cars with Ultrafuse® PPSU filament is permitted since it meets the EN 45545-2 railway classification requirements. The UL 94 standard has been met, and the material has been rated as V0. This implies that in the event of an accident, the risk of fire spreading is reduced across all of the final components 3D printed using Ultrafuse® PPSU.

BASF Forward AM developed high-performance BASF Ultrafuse® PPSU for use in railway 3D printing by extrusion. This 3D printing filament has been proven safe in producing locomotive air ducts, flaps, grilles, and other aerodynamic components by the European railway standard (EN 45545-2). If the PPSU filament is completely dry before usage and the build platform is coated with Magigoo HT adhesive, they may be successfully 3D printed on Zortrax Endureal.

-underlines Daniel Dudenko, Senior 3D Printing Tester in Research and Development Department at Zortrax.

In addition to its improved dimensional precision, the newly developed material maintains its qualities and geometry when subjected to high temperatures and steam. High resistance to oils, fluorine, coolants, lubricants, and fuels may be shown in Ultrafuse® PPSU. As a result, not only will it be useful in the railway industry, but also in the aerospace, hydraulic, and mechanical industries.

Learn more about Zortrax Endureal industrial 3D printer.

Discover BASF Ultrafuse® PPSU railway-certified filament.

About Zortrax

Zortrax is a well-known provider of desktop and industrial 3D printers. LPD, LPD Plus, UV LCD, and SVS are the four technologies the company’s wares support. The company has become an industry leader by providing customers with everything they need to make 3D prints, from printers and supplies to the specialised Z-SUITE software and the Zortrax cloud platform for remote administration of the printing process and employees.

Thousands of clients worldwide utilise Zortrax devices in fields as diverse as construction, healthcare, education, design, transportation, engineering, manufacturing, and even aerospace. This has allowed the company to expand internationally. The firm is successful in this endeavour because it offers both dependable and accurate products, able to function in adverse conditions and in accordance with the strictest requirements, and are also simple to operate. The firm can produce high-quality 3D printers because it collaborates with the education, medical, and space industries.

Engineers from Zortrax, in conjunction with the European Space Agency, created the technique to 3D print composite models from two PEEK mixes. Experts from Zortrax and the European Space Agency (ESA) have created 4D printing technology in which the geometry of 3D objects responds to external inputs. Zortrax M300 Dual was used to print the project’s first functional, electrically-activated movable demonstrations. NASA, Toyota, and Bosch are just a few of the industry heavyweights who employ Zortrax products.

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