EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Dr. Guruprasad Rao, Mentor, Imaginarium India

In this exclusive interview with Manufactur3D Magazine, Guruprasad Rao, Mentor of one of India’s largest 3D printing company, details what has been accomplished so far, and explores possible ways to increase adoption of additive manufacturing by end-users in different industries, and provides his valuable insights for 3D printing startup companies. 


INSIGHT: Interview with Amit Dror, CEO of Nano Dimension

In his first ever interview to an Indian media, Amit Dror, CEO the leading additive electronics for electronics industry Nano Dimension shares his thoughts on the applications of additive manufacturing technology in the electronics industry. Speaking exclusively to Manufactur3D, Dror also highlights how Nano Dimension became a leader in the industry, the challenges that the technology faces in adoption of the technology in the industry.


FEATURE: Interview with Alessio Lorusso, Founder, Roboze

In a comprehensive interview, Alessio talks about his company’s goals of making high-tech 3D printing solutions accessible to support the acceleration of Industry 4.0, shares his thoughts on the global AM industry and many more.


THOUGHT LEADERSHIP: Dr. Dheepa Srinivasan

Dr. Dheepa Srinivasan, Chief Technology Officer at Intech DMLS Pvt. Ltd,, shares her thoughts on the impact of hybrid manufacturing and the future of 3D printing.


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