New Launch: BCN3D Omega I60 High-Speed Industrial 3D Printer

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BCN3D Omega I60 high-speed industrial 3D printer
BCN3D Omega I60 high-speed industrial 3D printer/Source: BCN3D

BCN3D, a leading manufacturer of 3D printing solutions, unveiled the brand new BCN3D Omega I60 high-speed industrial 3D printer at a special event held at its Barcelona headquarters. The BCN3D Omega I60 is an all-in-one FFF 3D Printer designed to create large, strong prototypes and end-use parts such as tooling, jigs, and fixtures.

This historic occasion coincides with BCN3D’s 11-year anniversary, demonstrating the company’s unwavering commitment to innovation. Throughout this incredible journey, BCN3D has successfully distributed over 10,000 units worldwide through more than 100 points of sale. Partnerships with Nissan, Saint Gobain, and Prodrive are examples of notable success stories.

The BCN3D Omega I60 High-Speed Industrial 3D Printer

BCN3D Technologies range of 3D Printers
BCN3D Technologies range of 3D Printers/Source: BCN3D

The BCN3D Omega I60 high-speed 3D printer incorporates a modernised version of BCN3D’s signature IDEX technology, which doubles productivity by utilising both toolheads at the same time. It has a huge print volume of 60L and a heated chamber that can reach temperatures of up to 70ºC, allowing it to print large-scale, robust pieces in engineering-grade materials.

A temperature and humidity-controlled material operations system prepares filaments for printing in the printer. Furthermore, it employs a 1.75mm direct-drive high-speed extruder capable of speeds of up to 300 mm/s, allowing for faster part production than ever before.

A glimpse into BCN3D Omega I60’s specifications

Active Heated Chamber
Active Heated Chamber/Source: BCN3D

BCN3D’s signature Independent Dual Extrusion (IDEX) technology has been modernised: IDEX is the only extrusion system with the unique ability to print with two independent heads. Users can increase productivity by duplicating and mirroring parts, or they can produce parts with support without cross-contamination.

  • Active Heated Chamber: A heated chamber makes engineering polymer manufacturing easier by maintaining an ideal temperature for the printable part throughout the printing process. This temperature control ensures that the part is constructed uniformly, minimising the formation of internal stresses. The heated chamber of the BCN3D Omega I60 can reach temperatures of up to 70oC, making it suitable for printing materials such as ASA, PA, ABS, and reinforced PA, among others.
  • Extrusion system: The BCN3D Omega I60 is outfitted with a powerful extrusion system that includes industry-leading components such as 1.75 mm direct drive Bondtech LGX Pro extruders. This system offers greater control and precision. It also comes with custom E3D Revo hotends that provide best-in-class extrusion reliability and an easy-swap nozzle change.
  • High speed ready: The BCN3D Omega I60 has built-in accelerometers and 32-bit electronics, as well as a customised version of Marlin 2.1. This combination improves the BCN3D Omega I60’s capabilities, allowing it to efficiently manufacture parts at an impressive speed of 300 mm/s and achieve accelerations of 10 m/s2. The BCN3D Omega I60 is the market’s only high-speed and IDEX 3D printer, offering users exceptional productivity.
  • Massive print volume: The printing volume available in the BCN3D Omega I60 is 450 x 300 x 450 mm (17.7 x 11.8 x 17.7 in), offering up to 60 litres. This, in conjunction with the heated chamber, enables the BCN3D Omega I60 to produce large technical parts.
  • MOS (Material Operations System): This integrated material module provides an all-in-one experience. You can control not only the humidity but also the temperature with the MOS. It has two major advantages: it can recover damaged material and it can preheat your filament before starting a print.

Finally, the BCN3D Omega I60 has a built-in camera, a flexible build plate, an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), a Filament Runout Sensor (FRS), barcode sensors for spool and component recognition, one light, a 7″ capacitive touchscreen, a HEPA and Carbon filter, a Safety Pause function, an emergency stop button, and WiFi or Ethernet connectivity functions.

Applications and materials

BCN3D Omega Proto material
BCN3D Omega Proto material/Source: BCN3D

The materials available for BCN3D Omega I60 have been carefully selected to meet the needs of specific verticals such as tooling, jigs and fixtures, short run production, masking, large prototyping, production line replacements and end-use parts. Among the materials are:

Omega ProtoIdeal for prototyping, jigs and fixtures, low load bearing alignment guides, and drill guides.
Omega Impact ASAIdeal for outdoor end-use parts. It is highly durable, making it suitable for tooling subjected to repetitive loading.
Omega Resistant NylonIdeal for the factory floor environment, this material is chemical, wear and solvent resistant
Omega Tooling CFWell-suited for producing metal replacement parts, metal forming dies, bend tooling and end-use parts that require exceptional strength
Omega SupportIt is a breakaway support material that works with all the aforementioned materials.  

The Omega Launchpad Program

To allow customers to experience the BCN3D Omega I60, BCN3D created the Omega Launchpad Programme, which is aimed at businesses of all sizes. Individuals who participate in this programme can expect to be among the first to investigate the capabilities of the new BCN3D Omega I60, witnessing its true potential through the creation of tangible, 3D printed parts.

Furthermore, participants will have the opportunity to work closely with a dedicated Additive Manufacturing applications engineer who will provide personalised assistance in analysing and developing custom solutions for the integration of the BCN3D Omega I60 within their respective organisations.

Pricing and Shipping

The BCN3D Omega I60 high-sped industrial 3D printer is priced at 19.995 € // 21.995 USD (excl. VAT) and will be available for purchase on September 15th, 2023. Reservations can be made starting today by contacting BCN3D or any of its official distribution partners. Customers who want to learn more about the BCN3D Omega I60 can join the Omega Launchpad Programme and receive personalised online product demos, tailored quotes, or the opportunity to receive customised sample parts.

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