BCN3D Unveils New BCN3D Epsilon 3D Printer

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Epsilon 3D Printer

Above: The BCN3D Epsilon Professional 3D printer/Image Credit: BCN3D

Companies with the most demanding industrial requirements now have a new solution for all their 3D printing needs. The tech company BCN3D, which designs and manufactures professional 3D printers, has released its new printer BCN3D Epsilon. The new addition to its range of printers provides professional and industrial sectors with added-value solutions and brings industrial power to your workbench.

The new printer has already attracted the interest of automotive manufacturers such as BMW, Nissan, Seat and Renault with whom BCN3D is already working and negotiating the incorporation of the BCN3D Epsilon to their workbenches.

The printer is capable of easily processing technical materials thanks to its completely enclosed passive heated build chamber. Some of the features that set it apart are its use of fiber-reinforced materials for tougher applications in industrial settings, its mass printing capabilities, and its Independent Dual-Extruders (IDEX) technology which increases printing productivity.

Above: The BCN3D Epsilon 3D Printer. The new printer features Independent Dual Extruders (IDEX) technology/Image Credit: BCN3D Technologies

After the success of its desktop printers Sigma and Sigmax and after having become an independent company in March 2019 by raising 2.7 million euros in private capital, now BCN3D is taking a giant step forward in innovation by positioning itself as a provider of 3D printing solutions for more demanding work settings.

The answer to your needs is BCN3D Epsilon. This powerful technological advancement is designed to help companies deliver large-scale parts with industrial grade materials.  This new printer provides solutions to companies that are looking to integrate a powerful tool into their most demanding work settings. 

The release of the new printer is not the only innovation that BCN3D is presenting. The new printer arrives at a time when BCN3D has signed an important agreement with renowned chemical multinationals BASF and Mitsubishi Chemical (MCPP) in order to develop new filaments for industrial grade applications, 100% compatible with the new BCN3D Epsilon. This range of technical materials opens the door to achieving ready-to-use functional parts in the manufacturing, engineering and product design sectors.

With the launch of the new printer, BCN3D also presents BCN3D Cloud, a cloud-based platform that allows users to print 3D files from anywhere.

Eric Pallarés, CTO of BCN3D, explains that “BCN3D started to develop some of the features of BCN3D Epsilon even before the spin-off last March. At that time, we were able to expand the engineering team and invest more resources. That was the starter pistol that signaled the official launch of the projects, even though many things had already been approved and designed.

“BCN3D was designed as a desktop printer manufacturer and will stay there, no doubt. However, the desktop market has a lot of players and there is more competition than ever before.  In addition, the entire market has matured and now it expects more from 3D printing than what it did just a few years ago”, adds Pallares.

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“BCN3D Epsilon is a productive printer, thanks to its capacity to process large volumes and its IDEX technology. Its 5” touch screen and cloud connection features make it easy to use. It is versatile, and is compatible with a large range of hotends and materials. And it is safe because it comes equipped with industrial grade HEPA and carbon filters and an emergency stop feature”, confirms Eric Pallarés.

Year after year, the Sigma and Sigmax printers have proven to be excellent, versatile and productive machines for the professional desktop market segment. However, BCN3D identified the need in different corporate settings such as in automotive, engineering or production lines with equipment, among others, for high-quality 3D printing with greater printing capacities and industrial characteristics.

This was the goal driving the launch of the new BCN3D Epsilon. It was developed to enable companies to easily create functional parts, prototypes, manufacturing models and tools, and any other object they could imagine with maximum performance and efficiency.

Above: Functional parts, prototypes, manufacturing models and tools created on Epsilon 3D Printer/Image Credit: BCN3D Technologies

Xavier Martínez Faneca, CEO of BCN3D, explains that the arrival of the new BCN3D Epsilon “represents a new phase for desktop 3D printing, one that will take it to more industrial settings. We are facilitating the use of industrial materials such as ABS, polypropylene and polyamide. Up until now, affordable printers could not offer any guarantees when working with these materials. We are also introducing materials with composite fibers, because the characteristics of this new printer make it possible to do so”.

“A new product is always a good sign. Ever since the spin-off, we have worked very hard to present this product, the first of many. We want to be identified as a major player in the industry and this product and its features will help us gain visibility.  Furthermore, it will open up new business opportunities that will most certainly be beneficial in the future”, asserts Xavier Martínez Faneca.

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