CELLINK introduces 7 New Bioinks to Allow Bioprinting of Vascularized Constructs like Skin

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Swedish Bio-Tech Startup CELLINK, recently introduced 7 new bioinks and 3 New Kits to allow scientists and researchers to construct skin and other similar structures.

Founded in 2016, CELLINK develops & commercialises bioprinting technologies to allow for 3D printing of human organs and tissues. CELLINK has also developed a patent-pending bioink which enables human cells to grow & thrive just as they would in any natural human body.


Bioprinting is three-dimensional printing of artificial tissues and organs in an additive layer-by-layer process. The printing material is developed from existing cellular building blocks also called as Bioink. This bioink is then printed in a layer-by-layer process in a bio-inert hydrogel which acts as a support and as a filler for void spaces to accurately mimic the feature of tissues. While this area of manufacturing is still in its experimental stage, the possibilities are immense. It has the potential to transform the way medical treatment is imparted.

New Bioinks and Kits


Above: Range of CELLINK Bioinks/Image Credit: CELLINK

The new bioinks are an addition to the already growing library of bioinks developed by CELLINK. It aims to standardise the GelMA which will enable the Bioprinting of Multifaceted Vascularized Constructs. These new materials also allow better drug screening process for biotech and pharmaceutical companies empowering them to quickly start their research with bioinks. By collaborating with leading researchers and companies CELLINK has grown to more than 40 countries with 400+ labs which helps to standardise the bioinks and help address the growing global requirements and challenges.


These two bioinks blend with the printers easily than any other GelMA based bioink. This results in a better output provided by competitors. Additionally, CELLINK has addressed and eliminated the nozzle clogging issue which normally plagues bioinks. This gives more time to print and researchers can print even without a bioprinter with thermal control.

CELLINK Fibrinogen and CELLINK Fibrin

Both these bioinks are the first ‘Ready-to-Print’ bioinks which mimic and recapitulate the native wound healing environment.


These two bioinks are specially developed for engineering of dermal tissues. These can have a greater application in skin grafting, etc.


Another standardised bioink which enables researchers to manufacture 3D constructs which can impart region specific cell differentiation. This bioink can be functionalised with binding and sequester growth factors. It will also help in the development of biological therapies by better controlling and protect of growth factors and biomolecules.


This kit contains channel generating sacrificial materials along with novel algorithms to generate any vascular network geometry in any sized tissue construct. This kit is compatible with any bioink offered by CELLINK, simplifying the vascular network generating a process to under 10 seconds of user input rather than the long protocols otherwise needed.


This kit provides sterile GelMA powder at the cheapest price in the market. This helps researchers to develop and customise their own application-specific GelMA-based bioinks.

CELLINK Support Kit

This kit is a support kit which helps researchers to bioprint low viscosity bioinks.

Speaking on the introduction, Erik Gatenholm, CEO of CELLINK, states, “With the release of these 7 new standardized bioinks and 3 new kits, we continue to address and provide solutions for the challenges that many of our collaborators in the field are facing. These new bioinks and kits will enable researchers to fabricate a diverse range of tissue constructs that can be used for wide applications. With these products, we will continue to grow our customer base. We will continue to develop products that will enable any researcher that is interested to get started with 3D bioprinting as simply and fast as possible.”

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