Imageneria Launches Multiple Hats – A New 3D Printable NFT Collection

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Multiple Hats - A 3D Printable NFT Collection
Above: Multiple Hats – A 3D Printable NFT Collection/Image Source: IMAGENERIA

Wearing multiple hats is a way of life for many women — there’s barely time to breathe between child-rearing, professional careers, home maintenance, and striving to make the world a better place. To honour these women’s hectic lives, IMAGENERIA has created The Multiple Hat, a 3D printable NFT collection that includes five phygital (physical and digital) NFTs.

Each one includes a digital 3D printable design that can be turned into a real-world hat. Let’s look at what they are and what they might mean for the future.

3D Printable NFT Collection

Each phygital NFT contains the following:

  • A digital 3D printable NFT file
  • The right to manufacture the hat for non-commercial purposes
  • A filter that means you can wear it digitally

Everything is fair game, whether you want to show off to friends in the metaverse while wandering around Decentraland or Roblox, or make a fashion statement in the real world and amaze your friends when you explain you bought your latest accessory as an NFT.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the resources to make the hat yourself; you can also order it directly from IMAGENERIA, where it will be produced by professional 3D printing manufacturers.

The world is going phygital

NFTs have primarily been viewed as a means for people to purchase digital art, which is still a fantastic application. But, if you were worried that this wasn’t practical or far-reaching enough to justify the NFT hype, you’ll be relieved to know that everything is changing.

The Multiple Hats Collection, for example, is a new generation of 3D printable NFTs that begin in digital form but can be transformed into physical items. This could be the next step in the evolution of the eCommerce world, with customers buying and trying items online but having the option to convert them to physical form if desired.

If you’ve ever wanted to ensure that the fashion statement you’re purchasing is truly limited edition and for your consumption only, smart contacts are here to help; NFTs are non-fungible by design, ensuring there’s only one owner.

Introducing to Imageneria

Julia Daviy is the Co-founder and CEO of IMAGENERIA
Above: Julia Daviy is the Co-founder and CEO of IMAGENERIA/Image Source: IMAGENERIA

Imageneria is a cutting-edge platform for phygital 3D printable NFTs used in fashion, jewellery, art, and even business. It assists brands in integrating into Industry 4.0 by creating digital 3D-printable assets on their behalf based on existing or planned products, thereby facilitating further integration into the digital world.

Julia Daviy, co-founder and CEO of Imageneria, believes that in the future, all brands will require digital 3D-printable NFTs of at least some of their products. “Phygital 3D-printable NFTs are the modern way for brands, designers, and engineering firms to connect digital and physical versions of products, providing each product with its own digital passport and supporting dematerialization, production on demand, and sustainability,” she says.

Furthermore, purchasing NFTs from Imageneria is simple. Simply set up an account, link your Solana wallet address, and make a purchase. You can now download the digital file and use it however you want.

Ready to wear another hat?

All indications point to phygital NFTs being the next iteration of blockchain technology, and what better way to celebrate that than with a piece from The Multiple Hats Collection to honour the women in your life?

Visit the Imageneria website to learn more (or to see the collection for yourself). The platform sells other NFT collections besides the Multiple Hats collection, so feel free to browse around.

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