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Tethon 3D Announces New Ceramic & Metal Resins for use in its Upcoming DLP 3D Printer, Bison 1000

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Above: Tethon 3D ceramic and metal parts/Image Credit: Tethon 3D

Tethon 3D has announced the development of UV curable ceramic and metal 3D printing resins to be exclusively used in its upcoming desktop DLP 3D printer, Bison 1000. The complete ecosystem is scheduled for a 2019 launch.

Tethon 3D will display the sample prints from the Bison 1000 at the upcoming Formnext event for customers to get a feel of the parts. The new 3D printing resins include a flexible ceramic, a high-load glass-ceramic, and other high load ceramic and metal materials.

3D printing

Above: Tethon 3D Flexible ceramic material printed in Bison 1000//Image Credit: Tethon 3D

The new materials are a high-load version of its already existing popular material range of Porcelite, Castalite, Vitrolite and Ferrolite resins. The new materials will also produce high-density objects with high strength.

Speaking on the development of the printer, CEO of Tethon 3D, Karen Linder, said, “Co-development of our 3D printer and resin materials has optimised both aspects of the additive manufacturing process to produce the strongest ceramic objects with the highest density and least amount of shrinkage.

He continued, “Our current customers have been seeking a desktop printer for ceramics and metals and we believe by offering the Bison printer and companion resins, we will open new markets and expand the use of ceramic and metal additive manufacturing.”

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Tethon 3D was completely a resin manufacturing company but recently it decided to enter the printer manufacturing race as it cited limitations in hardware performance as a key barrier to incorporating ceramic and metal 3D printing.

According to Trent Allen, Tethon 3D Director of Business Development, “Our custom resin development services are now using the Bison 1000 printer in an R&D capacity. So, these custom industrial resin materials can also take advantage of improved hardware features. Also, we want to assure our customers that we will continue to offer our standard platform-agnostic resin materials for SLA and DLP printing.”

Tethon 3D will be present at the upcoming Formnext event. It encourages visitors to visit their booth to have a glimpse of their new resins.

About Tethon 3D: Tethon 3D was founded in Omaha, Nebraska in 2014 and is privately held. The company is a corporate member of the American Ceramic Society. Tethon 3D manufactures ceramic powders and photocurable ceramic and iron polymers for 3D printing.  Tethonite®, Porcelite®, Castalite®, Vitrolite®, Flexalite®, and Ferrolite® are the registered trademarks of Tethon 3D.

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