3D Systems and Biopharma Partners to Advance Regenerative Medicine

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3D Systems and Biopharma Partners to Advance Regenerative Medicine
3D Systems and Biopharma Partners to Advance Regenerative Medicine/ Source: Plastics Today

Theradaptive, a biopharmaceutical firm at the forefront of tailored regenerative medicine, and 3D Systems have signed a commercial partnership agreement. As part of the deal, 3D Systems becomes Theradaptive’s exclusive provider of 3D printing services. The firms have announced plans to use Theradaptive’s proprietary protein-based material-binding variations to cover 3D-printed medical devices in order to enhance bone and tissue development.

Theradaptive to Advance in Regenerative Medicine

The founder of Theradaptive, Luis M. Alvarez, Ph.D., was inspired to develop the protein-engineering technology after witnessing the suffering caused by limb injuries that resulted in delayed amputations among servicemembers. When he continued his education at MIT, he focused his attention on bone and tissue regeneration to overcome challenges associated with regenerative medicine. Some of these challenges include the difficulty of obtaining anatomically accurate results and the requirement for extremely persistent, local administration of therapies. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has designated three different applications of this technology as Breakthrough Medical Devices for its ability to cure degenerative disc disease and spinal fusion using regenerative medicine.

Over the course of more than a decade, 3D Systems has worked in tandem with surgeons to plan more than 150,000 patient-specific cases. The facilities at the company’s world-class headquarters, which are FDA-registered and ISO 13485-certified, have additively manufactured more than two million implants and instruments for more than 100 devices that have been CE-marked and FDA-cleared. Current developments in the field of regenerative medicine, such as 3D Systems’ announcement of its Regeneration Tissue Programme, show that significant strides have been made.

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According to Luis Alvarez, CEO and founder of Theradaptive, “this agreement enables an exciting technological convergence of 3D Systems’ cutting-edge advances in orthopaedic and soft tissue additive manufacturing and our material-binding regenerative medicine.” Patients with limited treatment options in the present will benefit greatly from the combination of these two cutting-edge methods. This collaboration paves the way for several innovative products with the potential to advance patient care greatly.

3D Systems and Biopharma Partners to Advance Regenerative Medicine
3D Systems and Biopharma Partners / Source: Digital Engineering 24/7

“The combination of both companies’ expertise and experience and relentless pursuit of enabling an improved patient experience is a strong foundation for this collaboration,” said Andrew Johnson, EVP, chief corporate development officer, and chief legal counsel, 3D Systems. “We believe that combining the benefits of Theradaptive’s protein-engineering platform with 3D Systems’ unparalleled capabilities in medical device design and production could have a significant impact on the field of regenerative medicine, and on the lives of patients.”

About 3D Systems: 3D Systems pioneered 3D printing for industrial use more than 35 years ago. As the industry’s go-to provider of additive manufacturing solutions, we help our clients develop new products and approaches to doing business that were previously thought to be impossible. Our application engineers work with clients to develop customised solutions using our cutting-edge hardware, software, materials, and services to improve product and service delivery significantly. Medical, dentistry, aerospace/defense, automotive, and durable goods are just some of the sectors that 3D Systems’ solutions serve.

About Theradaptive: Theradaptive, a biopharmaceutical and medical device company founded in 2016 and headquartered in Maryland, U.S., aims to use its therapeutic delivery platform to deliver biologics with high local precision and high persistence to the sites in the body where they are needed to address unmet medical needs. Spine, orthopaedic, and soft tissue healing, as well as tailored immuno-oncology, are all benefiting from Theradaptive’s cutting-edge platform.

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