Bambu Lab Announces New 3D Printing Repository ‘MakerWorld’

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Bambu Lab Announces 3D Printing Repository ‘MakerWorld’
3D Printing Repository Makerworld/ Source: Notecheck

Bambu Lab, a business that specialises in the production of 3D printers, has now disclosed some information on their forthcoming 3D model platform, which goes by the name MakerWorld and aspires to be more than just a repository of models. It aims to promote cooperation and accessibility within the 3D printing community by inviting model makers, users, 3D printing specialists, and filament vendors to participate in a multi-way exchange of know-how and user input; at the same time, it will be open to users of other 3D printing platforms and will offer incentives for participation.

Desktop 3D printers manufactured by Bambu Lab have helped the company earn a good name in the industry. Now, as part of its claimed objective “to make 3D printing more accessible to everyone,” it has announced the imminent launch of MakerWorld, a platform that will allow users to share 3D models, as well as crowd-sourced technical know-how, user comments, and product information from filament providers. This will be done in the coming weeks. The end result would be a repository that includes not just 3D models but also all of the pertinent information that users generally want in order to get the highest possible print quality.

This tackles an uncomfortable truth that many newbies learn the hard way: the process of printing an object from a 3D model is far more difficult and riddled with unforeseen obstacles than what the hoopla around this new technology would have them believe.

The All New 3D Printing Repository MakerWorld

All New Makerworld/ Source: All3DP

Bambu Lab has outlined the many ways in which members of the community may contribute to MakerWorld and the ways in which they can profit from it. For creators, there is an emphasis placed on safeguarding intellectual property rights and providing correct credit following the requirements of the Creative Commons licence. This makes it possible for original creators, even those who are not registered on MakerWorld, to collect incentives produced by their creations.

Experts in 3D printing are needed because 3D models have to be transformed into files that the printer can use to slice the object before it can be printed. They will have the ability to work together by contributing their pre-sliced models to any design that has been submitted, and they will be rewarded for their efforts. The dizzying selection of filaments now available on the market is another obstacle for MakerWorld to overcome. The ability to upload filament-specific characteristics, rate them, and debate their performance will be available to both users and vendors.

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MakerWorld will use “an open-system approach” to filament, allowing users to input information about different types of filament. Bambu Lab claims that the community will be able to discuss and score these criteria once this feature is complete, but it is currently under development. The MakerReward system will provide users of the MakerWorld platform with points for “every interaction” they have with the hub. You can use your MakerPoints to buy whatever you want in the MakerWorld store, including “unique models, sought-after filaments, coveted gift cards, and even printers.” The MakerWorld community welcomes users who use printers from any manufacturer. Bambu Lab promises additional details on this front as the release date of MakerWorld draws nearer.

About BambuLab: A consumer technology firm, Bambu Lab produces desktop 3D printers. Bambu Lab’s state-of-the-art 3D printers, beginning with the X1 series, blur the lines between the virtual and the real, opening up new avenues of expression. We currently operate out of three locations: China’s Shenzhen and Shanghai, as well as the United States’ Austin, Texas.

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